Upside Down World Map Folded Hema


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Upside Down World Map Folded Hema in an Envelope

Traditional world maps are drawn from the perspective of the first European explorers and cartographers ? with the Northern Hemisphere at the top. We think it’s time to break with tradition and show the world from the perspective of all those people living in the Southern Hemisphere. After all, there is no ancient geographical feature saying ? This way up?.

Key Features

  • Quirky upside-down pacific centred world map with Australia no longer ‘down under’
  • Bright and colourful
  • Compact packaging for easy transport
  • Great gift idea
  • Index

Edition: 2nd

Publication Date: 1/08/2023

Flat size (WxH): 840mm x 594mm

Scale: 1:17,361,316

ISBN 9781922668837

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