Calgary and Alberta South Map ITMB




Calgary and Alberta South Map ITMB  

This is a brand new title for ITMB. Calgary is the focus of Canada’s oil industry, the largest city in Alberta, and a major travel hub for international flights. It is the destination of choice for Europeans planning to travel around Western Canada. The city was founded due to the rail line being pushed westward to meet the line being constructed from Vancouver eastward, creating North America’s only trans-continental rail line.

The annual Stampede Rodeo held there each July is a highlight of the city’s busy program. The second side of the map covers the southern half of the Province of Alberta and a bit of BC, with an excellent inset map of the town of Banff, and another of the Province’s capital, Edmonton. This map would be perfect for the short-term visitor wishing to explore from the American border to the top of Jasper National Park, and from western Saskatchewan to British Columbia; excellent road coverage, and all attractions noted.

ISBN 9781771291637 


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