Cape Wickham 1-50,000 Tasmap Topographic Map


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Cape Wickham 1-50,000 Tasmap Topographic Map 

This map covers the northern half of King Island and combined with Cataraqui 1: 50 000 topographical map gives full coverage of the whole island. The mild moist climate and fertile soils support a strong cattle industry producing some of the Australia’s finest beef and dairy products.

The island is surrounded by coastline consisting of windswept sand dunes and some breathtaking long isolated white sandy beaches including; Nine Mile, Yellow Rock and Lavinia. The renowned Cape Wickham Golf Course attracts both national and international tourists.

The design of the 1:50 000 Map Series provides clear and accurate portrayal of topographic information, with symbols and map content giving enhanced depiction of buildings, hill shading and a simplified classification of vegetation.

Product Number: TC01

ISBN 9318923027358 


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