Discovering Ku Ring Gai Chase on Foot


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Discovering Ku Ring Gai Chase on Foot By Allan Farley 

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park is one of Sydney’s most loved and most beautiful bushland areas. It has been inspiring visitors for over 115 years with its magical combination of panoramic vistas, picturesque waterways, its wealth of wildflowers and easy birdwatching opportunities. Rail, ferry and road provide convenient access to the park’s walking tracks, 30 of which are described in this book.

There is much to discover and enjoy in the Chase and Alan Fairley’s descriptions will lead you away from the roads and picnic areas to explore some of its hidden gems. The more you explore the park, the more you will enjoy it – and the best way to explore is on foot.

Soft Laminated cover, 80 pages, (2nd edition 2009).

ISBN 9780858812284 

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