Discovering Mt Buffalo VNPA




Discovering Mt Buffalo VNPA 

When a summer sunrise bakes the great wall of the Gorge in glowing amber, or when a glimmer of winter sun flashes in ice crystals across the face of the Horn, you know you are discovering Mt Buffalo. By car, by foot or on skis, novices on the outdoor trail are well rewarded for their efforts as are those seeking more demanding adventures. Packed with illustrative material – historical, colour and line drawings – this informative guide will enhance your visit to one of Victoria’s most treasured national parks.


  • 28 walks – summer and winter
  • winter ski guide
  • 16 pages of colour plates with many wildflowers
  • bird list
  • 7 maps
  • car touring suggestions
  • Aboriginal and European history

ISBN: 9781875100149 

Size: 175mm x 125mm 
Pages: 80pp soft cover 

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