Finland Map ITMB




Double sided, large format paper road and travel map at the scale of 1:650,000. Distinguishes roads ranging from motorways to secondary roads. Legend includes road numbers, toll roads, road access subject to restrictions, roads closed for motor vehicles, railways, places of particular interest, cultural sites of interest, landscapes of interest, routes with beautiful scenery, scenic views, National Parks/natural parks, tourist routes, prohibited areas, airports/regional airports, churches, monasteries, castles, monuments, ruins, archaeological excavations/ruins, caves, camping sites, youth hostels. Includes inset map of the city centre of Helsinki.
Finland is a lovely country, whose principal appeal has to be its many lakes and its distances. This detailed, double-sided road map constitutes the best map possible of a large and largely-undeveloped corner of Europe.
A detailed inset map of central Helsinki is included.
Map size: 38″X42″

lSBN: 9781553412113

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