Fishing Guide to Western Port AFN




Fishing Guide to Western Port Australian Fishing Network AFN 

This is the ultimate guide to fishing Western Port. Every major species available in the Port—including snapper, whiting, mulloway, gummy sharks and elephant fish—go under the microscope with best baits areas, times and methods revealed. This unique tidal system is then broken down into specific areas, each one containing a detailed map and a total of over 150 of the best GPS marks you could ever hope to get your hands on.

These marks describe actual fishing spots and the locations have been given up by some of the best anglers the Port has ever seen, including its charter boat brigade, which history shows tend to keep such information very close to their chests. The unwritten rules of angler secrecy have been broken and you get to share the rewards.

The aim of this guide is to see you catch more fish on your next Western Port outing. No longer will you wonder if you are going to catch a fish—now you just have to think about how big it will be.


• Detailed maps of specific fishing areas

• What to fish for

• Where to catch fish

• How to catch fish

• GPS marks

ISBN: 9781875228171 

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