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All the top Landbased fishing locations For many anglers the exploration into fishing begins with their feet planted firmly on the ground. Landbased fishing provides a great outlet for people across the country to get into our great sport and the fundamentals of catching fish are often learnt on piers, jetties, rocks and beaches. Many of these platforms are fished heavily on a regular basis; and as such finding success on them can be difficult. The AFN Landbased Fishing Series sets out to detail the best locations, techniques and times to ensure you can feel confident enough to go fishing with the kids or family and indeed catch fish. The information presented in these books has been sourced from experienced anglers and the layout is clear and concise.

An effort has also been made to steer away from the technical jargon that so often confuses newcomers to the sport. We hope that this book inspires many memorable catches and success from the shore for years to come. Coverage includes Mornington Pier, Patterson River, Mordialloc Pier, Williamstown Beach Rockwall, Altona Pier, Grammar School Lagoon, Cunningham Pier, Point Lonsdale Pier & many more.

Soft textured cover. Perfect bound

Full colour. 80 pages. 215mm X 152mm

Published 2013

ISBN 9781865132303

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