France North Rail and Bike Map ITMB


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France North Rail and Bike Map ITMB 

The northern half of France is fairly flat, making it an ideal area for biking. However, it is also a rather large area, covering several provinces of France, so we have combine rail access with biking. All the motorways and main highways are also shown, so this map is ideal for someone wanting to drive to, say , Brittany, and bike during their stay in the Breton peninsula. Side 1 covers Normandy, Brittany, the Loire, and the Poitou region west of Paris. Side 2 covers all of northern France from Calais to Strasbourg and south to Lyon. Small adjacent portions of Switzerland and Italy are included.

A Top 9 Attractions list is included. France South was published a little while ago, so the entire country is now available in detail. The map is printed on waterproof stone paper for durability.

ISBN 9781771292863 

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