Gibb River Road Topographic Map Set




This 1-250,000 Topographic Map Set contain 6 maps covering the Gibb River Road from Derby to Kununurra.

Main Features:-

Derby 1-250,000 From Derby to Macs Bore

Lennard River 1-250,000 From Luckins Bore to Moses Bore

Charnly 1-250,000 From Kangaroo Springs Road Turn Off to Mount Barnett

Mount Elizaberth 1-250,000 From Barnett River Gorge to Ellenbrae Turn Off

Ashton 1-250,000 From Ellenbrae Turn Off to past Durack River and Jacks Waterhole

Cambridge Gulf 1-250,000 From Bindoola Creek to Kununurra


For further information on each map go to Search to Right on the Website and look up the name of the map.


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