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Halifax Nova Scotia Map ITMB 

Halifax was founded by the British navy in 1745 as a base to patrol the North Atlantic and to place pressure on the nearby French possessions of Acadia and Quebec. It has an excellent harbour, and is still the main base for the Canadian naval fleet. The city is also the eastern terminus of the Trans-Canada rail network and a major harbour for shipping goods to Europe. For modern travellers, it is also a major port call for cruise ships and its airport is convenient for flights from Europe.

The urban area is actually two separate cities, with Halifax on the western side of the harbour and Dartmouth on the eastern side. Both are shown in excellent detail on this map. The downtown area of Halifax is the most historic part of the city, with the citadel dominating the landscape (well worth a visit!).

The second side is a good map of Nova Scotia and most of Prince Edward Island. It isn’t as detailed as our double-sided map of the province, but it is quite adequate for those spending a few days seeing the highlights of one of Canada’s most popular travel destinations. A large inset of lovely Cape Breton Island is included, and another of Sydney, from where ferries to Newfoundland depart.

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