Halls Creek 1-1,000,000 Topographic Map Geoscience Australia


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Halls Creek 1-1,000,000 Topographic Map Geoscience Australia 1: 1 Million General Reference 

This map is part of a series which comprises 50 maps which covers the whole of Australia at a scale of 1:1 000 000 (1cm on a map represents 10km on the ground). Each standard map covers an area of 6 degrees longitude by 4 degrees latitude or about 590 kilometres east to west and about 440 kilometres from north to south. These maps depict natural and constructed features including transport infrastructure (roads, railway airports), hydrography, contours, hypsometric and bathymetric layers, localities and some administrative boundaries, making this a useful general reference map.

Locations within this Map 

Halls Creek Kalkarindji Wave Hill Lajamanu WarmunTurkey Creek Argyle Village Aerodrome Bore 14 Mile Creek 14 Mile Waterhole 14 Mile Yard 22 Mile Bore 22 Mile Waterhole 22 Mile Yard 28 Mile Bore 4 Corners Bore 5 Mile Creek 7 Mile Bore 7 Mile Well 8 Bore 9 Mile Bore Aliboy Knob Alpha Bore Amanbidji Amanbidji Health Centre Amanbidji School Amanda Bore Amos Knob Andersons Yard Anvil Springs Creek Armstrong River Austral Pillar Ballinger Bore Bamboo Spring Bamboo Springs Bamboo Yard Bamboo Yards Bareback Creek Barry Creek Barry Creek Bore Barry Knob Barry Knob Bore Basalt Creek Bassalt Bore Battle Creek Yard Bauhina No 2 Bore Bauhinia Bore Bauhinia Creek Beasley Creek Beasley Spring Behm River Behn River Bells Creek Bentans Bore Biddy Waterhole Bigley Springs Billy Creek Bilyanarri Hill Bingy Bingy Spring Biri Hill Birrindudu Birrindudu Airfield Birrindudu Bore Birrindudu Range Birrindudu Waterhole Black Gin Creek Black Range Black Springs Black Springs Bore Black Springs Yard Blackfella Rockhole Blackfellow Creek Blackfellow Creek Bore Blackfellow Yard Blackfellows Knob Blackgin Bore Blackgin Hill Blackgin Waterhole Blackgin Yard Blessen Creek Bore Blinka Blinka Creek Bloodwood Bore Bloodwood Creek Blue Bush Bore Blue Bush No 2 Bore Blue Mud Bore Blue Mud Hole Bobs Gully Yard Bobs Yard Bob’s Yard Bobtail Creek Bobtail Yard Boomerang Yard Bore Bore Bluebush Bore No 5 Bore No 6 Bostocks Bore Bottle Tree Waterhole Bottle Tree Yard Boundary Bore Boxers Spring Creek Brigalow Yard Broadarrow Creek Brolga Bore Brolga Creek Browns Range Brumby Hill Brumby Plain Bore Buchanan Buchanan Creek Buchanan Hills Buchanan Springs Buchanan Yard Buffalo Bore Bull Creek Bull Hole Yard Bull Paddock Bore Bullen Creek Bullita Airfield Bullita Hill Bullita Outstation Bullock Creek Bullock Paddock Creek Bulls Head Yard Bunda Creek Bunda Junction Bore Bunda Landing Ground Burns Creek Burns Well Burt Hill Burta Wurta Burtawurta Creek Byrnes Hill Cahills Rockhole Camel Back Hill Camel Creek Camel Waterholes Camerons Bore Camfield Camfield Bore Camfield Creek Camfield River Camfield Yard Campbell Creek Campbell Spring Captain Spring Creek Carrols Tank Catfish Waterhole Cattle Creek Cattle Creek Landing Ground Cattle Swamp Well Chungamidgee Bore Chungamidgee Waterhole Chungaree Bore Chungari Creek Claypan Well Cockatoo Creek Coles Bore Collins Bore Collins Creek Colorado Creek Commonderoo Bore Commonderoo Spring Companion Creek Companion Yard Condon Creek Condons Bore Coolgane Waterhole Coolgarie Waterhole Coolibah Creek Coomarie Spring Coomonderoo Creek Coopers Bore Copley Creek Corkwood Bore Corner Bore Corner Tank Costa Tszyu Bore Cowardys Creek Cowardys Yard Crawford Creek Crawford Spring Croker Creek Croker Spring Croker Yard Crooked Creek Cross Keys Well Crown Hill Crowsons Bore Cullanjacky Creek Cullenjacky Bore Cusack Creek Cusack Rock Daguragu Daguragu Health Centre Dashalong Dam Datuk Bore Dead Hore Bore Dead Horse Creek Dead Horse Spring Deep Creek Delamere Bore Delivery Creek Depot Creek Depot Pile Desert Bore Devil Devil Tank Dewrah Creek Dicks Bore Dingo Creek Bore & Yard Dingo Gap Dingo Spring Dingo Yard Dodderal Bore Donkey Gap Bore Downer Hill Doyles Bore Drummer Creek Duck Ponds Duck Ponds Waterhole Duckhole Yard Dude Bore East Farardays Bore Edgar Creek Egan Bore Eight Mile Rise Elsey Bore Elsie Creek Emily Creek Emu Spring Bore Eulie Paddock Eva Creek Extension Hill Faradays Bore Faradays Yard Farquharson Bore Farquharson Gap Fence Bore Fergusson Creek Fever Creek Fig Tree Creek Fig Tree Yard Figtree Creek Fire Fly Yard Fischers Bore Fish Creek Bore Fisher Bore Fisher Creek Fitzgerald Range Five Mile Creek Flat Range Flinders Bore Flora Bore Florrie Spring Waterhole Flour Hill Flour Yard Flying Fox Creek Flying Fox Spring Yard Flying Fox Yard Foreman Bore Four Mile Waterhole Frayne Camp Springs Fraynes Knob Frog Valley G B Bore G B Creek G B Rockhole Gallery Hill Gap Hill Gardner Range Georges Creek Tank Gibbie Creek Gidyea Creek Giles Creek Giles Creek Yard Gill Creek Gill Creek Bore Glenarra Bore Glenarra Creek Gordon Bore Gordon Creek Gordy Creek Gordy Springs Gorm Yard Gorries Bore Grave Creek Gregory Gregorys Remarkable Pillar Gum Creek Gum Creek Bore Gum Yard Gumtree Well Gurindji Gwens Tank Halfway Dam Halls Pocket Yard Hans Creek Hawk Knob Headley Knob Headleys Creek Helena Creek Hicks Creek Highljinks Bore Honeypot Bore Hoodoo Bore Hooker Creek Hooker Creek Aerodrome Hooker Creek No 8 Bore Hooker Creek Road Bore Horse Creek Horse Creek Bore Horse Creek Junction Yard Horse Creek Yard Horse Spring Hughie Creek Humbert River Hurricane Hill Bore Hut Creek Hut Springs Illawarra Creek Illawarra Spring Innoculation Yard Inveretz Pocket Yards Inverway Isabel Bore Jasper Gorge Jellebra Rockholes Jiwaranpa Joans Creek Johnnys Bore Johnston Billabong Jumbo Bore Junction Bore Junction Waterhole Junjaminji Waterhole Kaiser Yard Kalkarindji Kalkaringi Cemetery Kalkaringi Police Station Kalkarinji Community Health Centre Kalkarinji Pre School Kalkarinji School Kalkgurung Aerodrome Kalumbulani Kangaroo Creek Karabildi Yard Karabungun Bore Kelly Bore Kelly Creek Kelmans Bore Kidman Creek Kildurk Kildurk Aerodrome Kildurk Creek Kilfoyle Bore Killaloc Creek Killarney Killi Killi Hills Killowje Bore Kimom Creek Kimon Bore Kinevans Yard King Bore Kirkimbie Kirrkimbie Creek Kirrkimbie Yard Kookaburra Bore Korbaldi Bore Kunja Creek Lajamanu Community Education Centre Lajamanu Community Health Centre Lajamanu Police Station Lajamanu Pre School Lake Argyle Lake Bore Lake Buck Lancewood Hill Larry Rockhole Larson Bore Laura Bore Laura Creek Lees Creek Leichardt Yard Leichhardt Creek Lesson Creek Lewis Dam Lightning Bore Lignum Bore Liku Lily Bore Lily Creek Lily Crrek Lily Waterhole Limbunya Limestone Bore Limestone Gorge Limestone Yard Lingara Lochart Creek Lochart Hill Lochart Spring Lochart Yard Loddie Creek Lola Creek Lone Hill Lonely Spring Longa Hill Bore Longreach Waterhole Lothari Hill Lounger Hill Lovell Hill Lucy Creek Lul-tju Magdaba Yard Magpie Creek Maiden Creek Mallabah Creek Mallee Hill Mamadi Mana Range Margery Creek Mary Bore Matilda Bore Matilda Creek Maud Bore Maud Creek Maud No 3 Bore Mawk Lagoon Mc Donald Creek Mc Raes Bore Mcdonald Bore Mcdonald Yard Mcdonalds Yard Mckenzie Bore Mcquigans Bore Merrina Waterhole Michaels Bore Mick Hole Middle Bore Middle Creek Middle Creek Bore Midge Bore Midge Creek Midnight Creek Midnight Yard Mimosa Yard Mirridi Mistake Bore Mistake Creek Mona Creek Montejinni Montejinni Creek Montejinni Waterhole Moolooloo Moonbool Creek Moonlight Yard Moray Bore Moriarty Bore Mosquito Camp Waterhole Mosquito Creek Mother Dillons Knob Mount Archie Mount Archie Dam Mount Baines Mount Barton Mount Beasley Mount Behm Mount Behn Mount Charles Mount Compton Mount Copley Mount Crawford Mount Deakin Mount Duncan Mount Farquharson Mount Fisher Mount Frederick Mount George Mount George Bore Mount Glass Mount Gordon Mount Herbert Mount Hodgson Mount Kimon Mount Maiyu Mount Mary Mount Mervin Mount Napier Mount Northcote Mount Panton Mount Possum Mount Possum Bore Mount Reid Mount Rose Mount Sandiman Mount Sanford Mount Seale Mount Stevens Mount Sullivan Mount Tanami Mount Toby Mount Twigg Mount Warburton Mount Watson Mount Wickham Mount Williams Mount Wilson Mount Winnecke Mount Wollaston Mountain Creek Mountain Creek Yard Mountain Spring Bore Mp Bore Mt Maiyo Mucka Waterhole Mucka Yard Muckeldons Creek Mud Spring Bore Mud Springs Creek Mudlark Bore Mullara Creek Mullara Yard Murray Creek Neave Creek Negri River Nelson Creek Nelson Springs Nero Bore Nero Creek Newry Newry Landing Ground Nicholson Bore Nigger Creek Nipper Knob No 1 Bore No 1 Yard No 10 Bore No 10b Bore No 12 Bore No 13 Bore No 14 Bore No 15 Bore No 16 Bore No 17 Bore No 18 Bore No 19 Bore No 2 Bore No 2 Dam No 20 Bore No 21 Bore No 22 Bore No 23 Bore No 24 Bore No 25 Bore No 26 Bore No 29 Bore No 3 Bore No 3 Rockhole No 3 Yard No 31 Bore No 33 Bore No 35 Bore No 37 Bore No 38 Bore No 4 Bore No 48 Bore No 5 Bore No 5 Yard No 6 Keep Bore No 6 Bore No 7 Bore No 8 Bore No 9 Bore Nongra Bore Nongra Lake Number 1 Creek Number 10 Yankee Number 2 Bore & Yard Number 47 Bore Number 48 Bore Number 8 Creek Number 8 Rockhole Nutwood Bore O D Creek Ogden Bore Old Gordon Creek Old Limbunya Old Newry Bore Old Station Bore Old Top Springs Homestead Old Wave Hill Open Grass Plain Otn Bore Overland Springs Palm Spring Pandanus Yard Pannikin Creek Paper Bark Yard Paperbark Creek Pargee Range Pargee Rockhole Parnta Parrot Creek Pattie River Pear Tree Bore Pear Tree Creek Pelican Creek Peter Creek Peters Spring Bore Peters Spring Creek Picininny Bore Pidgeon Gully Bore Pigeon Hole Pigeon Hole Health Centre Pigeon Hole School Pingidijarra Hills Pinja Plain Bore Poison Creek Poison Creek Bore Poison Creek Yard Police Hole Tank Pompey Creek Pompey Knob Price Hills Pumpkin Yard Pussycat Creek Quart Pot Bore Quinn Bore Quirks Bore R B Creek Ram Creek Ram Creek Bore Red Dam Red Hill Red Rock Reflex Hill Rennie Creek Rennie Creek Yard Renny Bore Retreat Creek Retreat Yard Revolver Creek Revolver Yard Ridge Pole Creek Riffs Yard Rifle Bore Rifle Waterhole Riley Creek Riveren Rosebush Bore Rosewood Rosewood Landing Ground Rubberbush Bore Rymans Bore S Bore Sailor Creek Sailor Park Bore Sailors Hole Yard Salty Bore Sambo Bore Sambo Creek Sandstone Waterhole Sandstone Yard Sandy Bore Sandy Creek Sandy Creek Bore Schoolboy Creek Scotties Bore Seale Yard Shady Camp Bore Shoeing Tool Bore Shovel Springs Silky Bore Sisters Bore Slatey Creek Yard Smiths Bore Soap Dam Soda Creek Soda Springs Creek Soldiers Cap South Point Spitfire Creek Spitfire Yard Spring Creek Spring Creek Yard Station Hill Stevens Creek Stewarts Yard Stirling Creek Stock Route Bore Stockade Creek Stockyard Creek Stone Yard Springs Stoney Knob Stoneys Bore Stony Creek Stuart Bore Sturt Creek Sturt Creek Floodout Styles Creek Sugarbag Bend Yard Sundown Hill Sunshine Bore Suplejack Supplejack Range Supplejack Yard Surcingle Creek Surprise Creek Swan Creek Swan Yard Talabs Bore Talbot Well Tanami Tanami Desert Tanami Mine Tanami Range Taylors Creek Taylors Springs Tee Dee Bore Tee Dee Hill Ten Mile Waterhole Tent Hills The Black Hills The Sisters The Twins Three Ways Bore Threeways Dam Tishawaota Bore Toby Creek Toms Rock Top Bore Top Brumby Waterhole Top Faradays Well Top Humbert Yard Top Riley Yards Top Springs Topsy Bore Town of Top Springs Townsend Creek Turners Bore Twin Tank Two Bob Billabong Uindait Creek Uindait Spring Valentine Bore Valentine Creek Victoria River Victoria River Downs Victoria River Downs Aerodrome Victoria River Research Station Victoria River Research Station Aerodrome View Hill Villiers Bore Villiers Yard W C Bore W E Bore W F Bore W G Bore Waggon Creek Wallamunga Wallamunga Waterhole Wallamunga Yard Wallaway Creek Ware Range Warrens Bore Warriki Hill Waterbag Bore Waterloo Waterloo Creek Watsons Yard Wattie Creek Wave Hill Wave Hill Airstrip Wave Hill Cemetery Weaner Crossing Weaners Creek Webb Bore Webb Creek Wellington Bore Whippippipi Bore White Soak Bore Whitewater Yard Wickham River Wildcat Bore Willeroo Bore Willicks Bore Wilson Creek Winari Bore Wingramin Bore Winnecke Creek Winnecke Range Wire Yard Wonara Creek Woomera Creek Wyalong Creek Wyalong Yard Wyolkman Creek Yankee Doodle Bore Yarralin Yarralin Aerodrome Yarralin Health Centre Yarralin Police Station Yarralin School Yellow Waterhole Dam Yellow Waterhole Yard Yinguwunarri 1 Mile Yard 10 Mile Creek 10 Mile Dam 1 Mile Bore 10 Mile Yard 12 Mile Bore 13 Mile Billabong 14 Mile Bore 15 Mile Creek 16 Mile Bore 18 Mile Bore 18 Mile Yard 19 Mile Creek 2 Mile Bore 2 Mile Creek 2 Mile Mill 2 Mile Yard 20 Mile Bore 20 Mile Yard 3 Mile Bore 3 Mile Creek 3 Mile Soak 3 Mile Spring 300 Yard 4 Mile Bore 4 Mile Creek 4 Mile Dam 5 Mile Bore 6 Mile Bore 6 Mile Creek 6 Mile Gap 6 Mile Well 6 Mile Yard 7 Mile Point 7 Mile Waterhole 7 Mile Yard 8 Mile Bore 8 Mile Yard 9 Mile Creek 9 Mile Dam 9 Mile Yard A2 Bore Adcock River Addie Creek Afghan Camp Ahern Creek Aida Vale Creek Aida Vale Mill Albert Edward Range Algae Creek Alice Bore Alice Creek Alice Downs Alice Downs Aerodrome Alice Hill Alice Yard Amethyst Island Angelo Microwave Repeater Station Anjammie Pool Annie Creek Ant Bed Waterhole Ant Hill Antrim Plateau Apple Tree Creek Aquarian Spring Archie Creek Archies Yard Archikeelya Paddock Argyle Argyle Aerodrome Argyle Diamond Mine Argyle Downs Argyle Homestead Museum Armanda River Armanda River Microwave Repeater Station Artesian Springs Yard Arthur Bore Arthur Creek Arthur Yard Astro Waterhole Baily Range Baines Hills Baker Well Bakers Yard Balabul Ridge Bald Hill Balingarri Community Balwina Bamboo Cove Bamboo Creek Banana Spring Banangum Ridge Bangelo Yard Banjo Waterhole Banjos Bore Bannerman Soak Baobab Bore Baobab Creek Barangya Community Barbecue Island Barclay Stock Route Barnett Range Barnett River Barnett River Gorge Barramundi Pool Barramundi Range Baulk Face Range Baulu-Wah Community Bay of Biscay Hills Bay of Islands Beau Desert Bore Bedford Downs Beefwood Yard Behm Gorge Behm Passage Behm Yard Bell Creek Bell Creek Bore Bella Creek Bella Stockyard Bellburn Bellicks Bore Bend Yard Bernie Dam Berrangi Bridge Bertha Peak Bick Pocket Bick Pocket Yard Bickleys Creek Big Bore Big Brim Big Dam Bore Big Dam Well Big Mabel Creek Big Togo Creek Billabong Holes Billiluna Billiluna Pool Billiluna Pool Yard Billy Can Creek Billy Goat Creek Billy Goat Yard Billy Mack Spring Binda Creek Binda Hole Bindi Bindi Waterhole Bindi Tank Black Bank Yard Black Duck Creek Black Elvire River Black Hart Yard Black Hills Black Hills Well Black Hills Yard Black Point Black Rock Black Rock Creek Black Rocks Black Soil Bore Black Spur Blackfellow Creek Yards Blackfellow Spring Blackfellows Hole Blanjie Waterhole Blatchford Escarpment Blood Yard Bloodwood Well Bloodwood Yard Blue Bush Yard Blue Dress Creek Blue Hole Yards Bluebell Hill Bluebush Yard Bluff Yard Boab Spring Boab Tree Creek Bob Black Hills Boee Pool Bohemia Downs Bohemia Tank Boll Creek Bolton Bore Boona Yard Bore 1/72 Bore 1/76 Bore 1/85 Bore 2/72 Bore 2/85 Bore 2/89 Bore 3/85 Bore 3/90 Bore 8/74 Bore No. 2 Bottle Tree Bore Bottle Tree Creek Bottle Tree Spring Bottom Yard Bough Shed Bore Bough Shed Creek Bough Shed Yard Boundary Creek Boundary Dam Boundary Hill Boundary Knob Bow Hill Bow River Bow River Mine Bowshed Waterhole Box Hole Yard Boxhole Yard Bramall Hills Bream Gorge Brians Bore Bridges Yard Brill Creek Brim Creek Brim Gorge Brim Yard Brockman Creek Brockman Diggings Bronco Valley Yard Bronco Yard Brook Creek Brophy Creek Brown Lookout Bryce Creek Bucket Hole Yard Buffalo Creek Bugle Gap Bulara Bulka Bulka Creek Bulka Hills Bulka Swamp Bulka Yard Bull Creek Yard Bull Flat Bull Flat Bore Bull Hole Bore Bull Hole Dam Bull Spring Bull Swamp Creek Bullaman Rockhole Bullanyin Island Bullock Bore Bullock Hole Bullock Yard Bunganura Waterhole Bungle Bungle Outcamp Bungle Bungle Range Burks Park Burrtina Pool Butchers Gully Butchilbiddee Community Butler Cove Butler Creek Butter Spring Button Creek Button Dam Cabbage Tree Creek Cable Yard Cajuput Spring Calders Yard Calico Bore Calico Creek Camble Spring Camel Back Hills Camel Crossing Yard Camel Dam Camel Yard Cameron Dam Cameron Yard Camerons Dam Campbells Bore Candy Creek Carey Creek Carl Bay Carlton Gorge Carola Valley Carola Yard Caroline Pool Carr Boyd Ranges Carranya Carrington Bore Carrington Creek Carrington Springs Casey Falls Casey Range Cassidys Bore castle Creek Castlereagh Creek Castlereagh Hill Cattle Creek Bore Cattle Creek Dam Cattle Creek Well Cattle Creek Yard Cave Spring Cemetery Claypan Centipede Yard Chain Holes Chainhole Yard Chamberlain Gorge Chapman River Chara Rockhole Chara Yard Charlie Creek China Wall Chinamans Garden Chinyin Island Christine Well Christmas Creek Yard Chuall Pool Chudla Bore Chungla Well Chut Chut Yard Claire Microwave Repeater Station Clarkes Creek Clean Skin Creek Clean Skin Pocket Clean Skin Pocket Creek Cleanskin Creek Clondike Yard Clump Bore Clydes Dam Colass Yard Coles Creek Collett Cliffs Collis Creek Colombo Hills Comer Well Company Creek Company Creek South Condons Spring Bore Condren Well Conical Peak Connors Gap Connors Valley Cooee Creek Cooee Creek Bore Coolan Creek Yard Coolibah Bore Coolibah Pocket Corkwood Yard Corral Spring Bore Corrara Creek Cow Creek Cow Hole Bore Cowendyne Creek Creek Yard Crescent Yard Crocodile Creek Crocodile Gorge Crocodile Hill Crocodile Hole Crocodile Pools Crooked Waterhole Crosland Spring Crossland Creek Crowhurst Gorge Cummins Range Damper Creek Yard Darlu Darlu Community Date Palm Creek Dave Hill Dave Turner Spring Davidsons Yard Dawn Creek Dawson Downs Waterhole Dawson Downs Yard Dawul Remote Community School Dead Finish Creek Dead Horse Bore Dead Horse Yard Deception Creek Deception Yard Denison Plains Denison Range Devil Bore Devil Gorge Devils Elbow Diamond Tail Diamond Tail Yard Dickie Bore Dicks Creek Dicks Yard Dillinger Bore Dillinger Microwave Repeater Station Dimond Gorge Dingo Spring Bore Dingo Spring Yard Dingo Waterhole Dinner Creek Dish Camp Yard Dixon Range Djibigam Gorge Djugurinyan Hill Dockrell Creek Donkey Creek Donkey Gap Doon Doon Dora Creek Dora Knob Double Strain Creek Dougal Dam Dougall Bore Doughboy Hill Douri Dam Dravo Peninsula Drews Bore Drill Bore Dry Creek Dry Creek Yard Dry Swamp Yard Duchess Dam Duck Hole Duck Lagoons Duckhole Waterhole Duerdin Creek Duffer Range Duffer Well Duffers Yard Dunham Hill Dunham Microwave Repeater Station Dunham Pilot Dam Durack Range Dusty Bore Eagle Hawk Bore Eagle Hawk Crossing Gorge Earth Tank East Gibb Yard Eastman Bore Edith Pool Edle Creek Egan Dam Egan Range Eileen Well El Questro Elbow Hole Yard Eldridge Bore Elgee Cliffs Elgee Cliffs Landing Ground Elgee Cliffs Outcamp Eliot Range Ellington Yard Elroy Creek Yard Elsey Hills Elvire Crossing Elvire Gorge Elvire River Emanuel Range Emu Bore Emu Creek Emu Springs Emull Bore Eronga Yard Errol Bore Esaw Bore Escape Creek Evelyn Range Evergreen Yard Excelsior Reach Falconer Hills Farewell Bore Fargoo Creek Fat Bullock Creek Favell Creek Favell Hole Ferdinand Hills Fig Tree Hole Fig Tree Pool Fig Tree Well Figtree Yard Fine Pool Fine Spring Creek Finnigan Dam Fire Spring Creek Fire Spring Yard Fish Hole Fish Hole Yard Fish Pool Fitzroy Bluff Flat Rock Yard Flat Waterhole Flatstone Creek Fletcher Creek Fletchers Microwave Repeater Station Flora Valley Flora Valley Aerodrome Flying Fox Bore Flying Fox Knoll Flying Fox Mill Flying Fox Pool Flywell Community Foal Creek Foal Creek Yard Fontaines Bore Forbes Yard Fork Hill Forman Creek Forrest Bore Forrest Creek Forrest Yard Foster Creek Fox River Frank River Frog Bore Frog Hollow Creek Frog Hollow Spring Ga Bore Galeru Gorge Galeru Gorge Community Galloping Creek Galway Valley Yard Ganinyi Community Gap Bore Gap Springs Garden Creek Garden Creek Bore Gardner Plateau Gate Creek Gb Tank Gc Bore Gd 1 Bore Gd 2 Bore Gd12 Bore Gd14 Bore Gd3 Bore Gd5 Bore Geelong Pool Gemini Hills Gentle Annie Creek Gibb Gibb Range Gibb River Gibb River Aerodrome Gibb Yard Gidgia Creek Gidgia Plains Gilungarra Community Gingerally Waterhole Girriyoowa Community Gizmoes Bore Gladstone Lake Gladstone Lake Yard Glass Hill Glen Hill Glen Hills Yard Glenda Bore Glenister Knolls Glenroy Glenroy Meatworks Gliddon River Gnewing Bore Goads Yard Goanna Creek Goanna Spring Goat Paddock Gohanna Spring Gohanna Spring Well Golden Crown Mine Golden Gate Country Googardah Community Goose Hole Goosehole Yard Gorden Creek Gordon Downs Gordon Downs Aerodrome Gordon Hill Gordons Gorge Gorge Creek Gorge Pool Granite Creek Granny Soak Grant Peak Grants Creek Grass Castle Plain Great Antrim Plateau Greenvale Grey Mare Creek Grey Mare Yard Grimpy Creek Grimwood Creek Grimwood Gap Gum Hole Gum Hole Yard Gumilaagen Ridge Gundarim Point Gundarim Ridge Gunibuy Community Guppy Hills Guy Reid Island Hagan Island Haime Hill Haime Hill Microwave Repeater Station Halls Creek Aerodrome Halls Creek Community Halls Creek District High School Halls Creek District Hospital Halls Creek Golf Club Hangman Creek Hangman Well Hann River Hann River North Hardens Rockhole Creek Hardman Range Harms Creek Harris Creek Harris Range Harris Yard Haughton Range Hay Bore Hedley Spring Creek Helicopter Springs Hells Gate Henrys Bore Herbert Bore Hibberson Bluff Hicks Creek Bore Hicks Passage Highway Plain Hilfordy Creek Hitler Waterhole Hld Yard Homestead Bore Horan Island Horan Shoal Horse Creek Well Horse Rockhole Creek Horse Spring Hill Horse Spring Range Horseshoe Range Hot Air Well House Creek Hugh Hill Hull Range Idamere Yard Idle Hole Yard Illawah Waterhole Illjarra Bore Ima Ima Pool J D Hill J Tank Jacks Yard Jailhouse Creek Janet Creek Janterrji Community Jarlalu Bridge Jawilga Pool Jerry Creek Jew Soak Johnny Cake Creek Johnston Creek Johnston River Johnston Yard Jones Creek Jones Spring Jongari Yard Josey Island Jubilee Jumpup Bore Junction Creek Junction Pool Junction Soak Junction Yard Junda Bore Jungdranung Rem Community School Juries Bore Juwulinpany Community Kachana Kaiki Yard Kalungkurriji Community Kangaroo Hill Kangaroo Spring Kangaroo Springs Kartang Rija Community Karunjie Karunjie Bluff Karunjie Creek Kate Hill Katy Yard Kellys Bore Kellys Pass Kennedy Creek Kevins Dam Kilfoyle Island Killara Spring Killarney Bore Kilowa Yard Kims Dam King Leopold Ranges Kittys Knob Yard Knob Yard Knobby Hills Koolerong Bore Koondooloo Yard Koongie Park Kundat Djaru Community Kuniandi Range Kupartiya Community Kura Plain Kura Soak Kurrajong Creek Kururrungku Bridge Lacy Creek Lady Broome Lady Margaret Lagoon Creek Lagoon Island Laidlaw Range Lake Betty Lake Blakers Lake Doman Lake Jones Lake Lanagan Lake Mclernon Lake Willson Lally Creek Lambo Creek Lambo Hole Lambo Hole Yard Lamboo Lamboo Gunian Community Lamonjarrow Pool Lamont Creek Landrigan Cliffs Landrigan Creek Lansdowne Laranganoonga Laranganoonga Yard Larranganni Bluff Larrawa Larrawi Bore Larrawi Yard Larrikin Creek Laugher Camp Laugher Creek Laura River Laurie Yard Lawford Creek Lawford Range Lawford Spring Leedawooloo Community Lees Creek Centre Lees Creek North Lemonade Spring Leons Dam Leopold River Lerida Gorge Letter Box Creek Lewis Bore Lewis Creek Lewises Bore P.A. Leys Basin Liamma Spring Liga Creek Lighthouse Rockhole Lighthouse Yard Lightning Creek Yard Lilly Dam Lilly Hole Bore Lilly Hole Yard Lilly Lagoon Lilly Tank Lily Hole Bore Lily Spit Lily Vale Bore Lily Yard Limestone Creek Limestone Creek Village Limestone Well Linacre Creek Linacre Yard Lindesunjun Waterhole Lindner Hill Linga Community Lissadell Lissadell Hill Lissadell Station Landing Ground Little Brim Little Dry Creek Little Fitzroy River Little Gentle Annie Gully Little Gold River Little Kurrajong Creek Little Limestone Creek Little Panton Bore Little Panton River Little R B Creek Little Togo Creek Lloyd Hill Loadstone Hill Loaver Top Gap Lommels Yard Long Hole Long Pool Longhole Bore Looingnin Creek Looma Galeru Group Community Loongra Pool Louisa Downs Louisa River Louisa Yard Lower Blue Hole Lubbock Range Luck Range Lucky Hill Lulungun Yard Luman Lumbar Creek Lumboo Creek Community Lumuku Community Lundja Community M Dam M2 Bore M3 Bore Mabel Downs Mabel Hill Mabel Spring Creek Macdonald Waterhole Macnamara Creek Macnamara Yard Macphee Creek Macphee Well Mad Gap Yards Maddox Hills Madigan Maggie Creek Maggie Spring Maggie Yard Magotty Springs Bore Malangan Community Malley Spring Mandangala Community Mangrove Bore March Fly Creek Mardiwah Loop Mardiwah Loop Community Marella Gorge Marella Hole Marella Spring Marella Waterhole Marella Yard Margaret Gorge Margaret Hill Margaret River Margaret River Repeater Station Margaret River Station Aerodrome Marion Marion Downs Martys Bore Martys Yard Mary Creek Mary Durack Island Mary Pool Mary River Mary River Community Mary Yard Matchbox Creek Matheson Bluffs Matterhorn Microwave Repeater Station Maude Creek Maude Creek Yard Maurice Spring May Creek Mcally Bore Mcally Hills Mcbeath Mcclintock Range Mccombs Dam Mcdonald Spring Mcgowans Bore Mcintosh Hills Mcintyre Knolls Mckenna Spring Well Mckenzie Spring Mckinnon Creek Mclachlan Creek Mcmahon Well Mcwhae Ridge Mcwilliam Bore Me No Savvy Spring Me No Savvy Yard Meatworks Bore Meg Bore Melon Bank Yard Melon Patch Well Melon Patch Yard Melrod Yard Merchant Yard Middle Branch Bore Middle Branch Creek Middle Spring Middle Yard Middle Yard Bore Milba Community Millard Creek Mimbi Community Mimbi Creek Mindibungu Community Minneroo Pool Minnie Creek Minnie Pool Minularum Soak Mirima Dingo Springs Community Mistake Creek Well Miwun Waterhole Moloney Bore Monkey Yard Monsmont Island Monte Bore Moola Bulla Moongardie Community Moonlight Bore Moonlight Valley Morgans Grave Mornington Mornington Airstrip Mornington Trucking Yard Motor Car Yard Mount Amherst Mount Amhurst Mount Angelo Mount Angelo North Mount Angelo South Mount Angelo Well Mount Ball Mount Bannerman Mount Barrett Mount Bedford Mount Bertram Mount Bradley Mount Brennan Mount Brooking Mount Brophy Mount Brophy Spring Mount Buchanan Mount Button Mount Carmel Mount Caroline Bore Mount Carson Mount Chambers Mount Christine Mount Close Mount Coghlan Mount Cross Mount Cummings Mount Deception Mount Dent Mount Dockrell Mount Dockrell Well Mount Elder Mount Elizabeth Mount Elma Mount Erskine Mount Evelyn Mount Fairbairn Mount Flora Mount Forster Mount Frank Mount Hawick Mount Heartbreak Mount Hensman Mount Huxley Mount Jarrad Mount Jean Mount John Mount Josephine Mount Junction Mount Kinahan Mount King Mount King Bore Mount King Yard Mount Krauss Mount Lane Mount Laptz Mount Leake Mount Lookout Mount Lush Mount Mahony Mount Mansbridge Mount Misery Mount Mueller Mount Nyulasy Mount Pandora Mount Parker Mount Phillip Mount Pierre Mount Pitt Mount Quirk Mount Ramsay Mount Ranford Mount Remarkable Mount Stubbins Mount Talbot Mount Throssell Mount Timperley Mount Todd Mount Warton Mount Weekes Mount Wells Mount Winifred Mount Wittenoom Mud Spring Mud Spring Creek Mud Spring Yard Mueller Ranges Mulari Spring Mule Creek Mulkerins Gap Mullalangg Creek Munga Tank Mungoo Waterhole Murderer Yard Mussel Creek Myarra Pool Nalamdarim Island Nalamdarim Point Nanalung Ridge Naname Ridge Napier Creek Napoleon Bay Naps Yard Nardji Cave Narrie Range Neal Knob Near Miss Bore Neil Creek Nellie Range Nellies Spring Bore Nettopus Pool Neverfail Bore Neville Gorge New Bridge Bore New Bridge Yard New Discovery Yard New Mornington Newman Bore Ngallagunda Community Ngarantjadu Claypan Ngarantjadu Community Ngiling Anjaru Community Ngoonjuwah Community Ngumpan Cliff Ngumpan Community Ngumpan Microwave Repeater Station Ngunjiwirri Community Ngyalla Willi Community Nicholson Nicholson Aerodrome Nicholson Camp Community Nicholson Plains Nicholson River Nicks Bite Nipper Bore No Name Yard No. 1 Bore No. 1 Well No. 1 Yard No. 10 Bore No. 13 Bore No. 14 Bore No. 16 Bore No. 18 Bore No. 2 Bore No. 2 Well No. 2 Yard No. 23 Bore No. 3 Bore No. 3 Well No. 3 Yard No. 4 Bore No. 5 Bore No. 6 Bore No. 7 Bore No. 7 Yard No. 8 Bore No. 9 Bore North Creek North Hull Range North Hummocks North Yard Nortons Bore Nugget Creek Nuggety Gully Nulla Mull Yard Nully Waterhole Nymagee Dam Nymagee Spring Nyulasy Bore Nyulasy Creek Nyulasy Spring Oaks Mountain Oaks Yard Octa Creek Odens Waterhole O’Donnell Brook O’Donnell Range O’Donnell River O’Donnell River Gorge O’Donnell Yard Old Archikeelya Yard Old Bedford Bore Old Bedford Yard Old Bohemia Old Bohemia Valley Old Elvire Old Flora Valley Old Halls Creek Old Han Spring Old Homestead Well Old Homestead Yard Old Lamboo Old Mount Elizabeth Old Station Creek Old Station Spring Old Station Yard Omalinde One Mile Yard One Palm Tree Gorge One Palm Yard One Tree Bore One Tree Hill Onslow Peak Oollumarra Soak Oolrui Creek Oolrui Creek Yard Ord Hill Ord Regeneration Depot Ord River Ord River Aerodrome Osmand Creek Osmand Range Osmand Spring Osmand Yard Otk Bore Otp Bore Otto Bore Overflow Creek Overlander Waterhole Overlander Yard Paddock Bore Paddy Spring Paddy Spring Creek Paddy Spring Creek Yard Paddys Paddock Paddys Spring Paddys Valley Paddys Yard Painted Rocks Palm Creek Palm Pool Palm Spring Creek Palm Spring Well Palm Spring Yard Palm Well Palm Well Creek Palmer Pass Palmer Pool Palms Yard Pandanus Creek Pandanus Junction Pannikin Bay Pannikin Springs Panton River Paperbark Bore Paperbark Spring Paradise Creek Parkers Yard Parnell Spring Patsy Creek Patsy Pool Patterson Gorge Pavement Hill Pear Creek Peartree Creek Peko Pelican Hole Pelican Hole Yard Pelican Pool Percy 1 Yard Percy 2 Yard Peters Bore Pheasant Creek Phibbs Hills Piantis Yard Piccaninny Creek Piccaninny Yard Pick and Shovel Bore Piker Hills Pilawarri Yard Pillar Hill Pimple Peak Pindan Creek Pindan Yard Pindar Yard Pine Creek Pine Creek Bore Pineapple Bore Pinnacle Spring Pinnamutta-Murrawong Hill Pintpot Bay Pish Creek Pitt Range Plain Creek Plain Creek Yard Point Patsy Police Hole Police Hole Paddock Police Lagoon Police Valley Pompeys Pillar Pond Spring Poonta Bore Pothole Bore Pound Waterhole Poverty Gully Powder Spring Powder Yard Prospect Creek Pull Out Spring Pumpkin Islands Puppy Dog Creek Puppy Dog Yard Purnululu Purnululu Aerodrome Purnululu Conservation Reserve Purnululu National Park Pussy Cat Springs Pussycat Bore Pussycat Yard Pyra Gorge Pyramid Gap Pyramid Hill Quartz Blow Community Queensland Creek Bore Radigans Yard Ragged Range Ramsay Range Rattigan Rocks Red Bank Creek Red Bank Spring Red Billabong Bore Red Bluffs Red Butte Creek Red Butte Yard Red Hill Bore Red Hill Yard Red Lagoon Tank Red Lake Yard Red Mule Dam Red Rock Creek Red Rock Yard Red Valley Redleap Pool Reed Springs Bore Reed Springs Yard Reedy Creek Remote Island Rifle Spring Creek Ringers Soak Rising Sun Mine River Pool River Yard Road Crossing Bore Robin Soak Rock Hill Rocket Tank Rockhole Rockhole Bore Rockhole Camp Rockhole Pool Rockhole Yard Rocky Creek Rocky Hole Creek Rocky Microwave Repeater Station Rocky Spring Rocky Waterhole Roe Bore Rose Bore Rose Creek Rosella Bore Roses Yard Creek Rosewood Creek Rosewood Station Aerodrome Ross Hill Roy Creek Roy Creek Dam Royston Creek Royston Creek Yard Royston Range Ruby Plains Ruby Plains Aerodrome Ruby Queen Mine Rugan Community Rust Range S.C.A. Bore S.C.C. Bore Saddlers Creek Saddlers Yard Sally Downs Well Sally Malay Bore Sally Malay Mine Salmond Gorge Salmond Gorge Yard Salmond Spring Salt Creek Salt Pool Sandstone Bore Sandy Dam Sandy Gorge Well Sansue Bore Saunders Creek Saunders Creek Mill Saunders Gully Saw Ranges Saw Tooth Gorge Scottie Tank Scotty Creek Scotty Yard Scotty-Salmond Gorge Scotty-Salmond Gorge Yard Scrub Butt Bore Scrubby Creek Selby Hills Shady Bore Shady Camp Waterhole Shamus Dam Shepherd Yard Shiddi Creek Shiddi Pool Siddins Creek Siddins Yard Sideline Bore Singout Spring Sir John Gorge Sir John Range Sisters Dam Six Hundred Bore Skeen Hill Skeen Waterhole Skillion Hill Skull Creek Yard Slatey Creek Smiths Yard Smoke Creek Smoke Creek Bore Smoke Creek Yard Snake Creek Snake Creek Yard Snake Hole Snake Point Bore Snake Point Yard Snake Spring Snip Hole Soda Spring Soda Spring Creek Soldier Bore Sophie Downs South Hummocks Sparke Range Spay Bore Speewah Yards Spencers Bore Spider Creek Spider Island Spider Lagoon Spider Point Spillway Bridge Spring Hill Springvale Springvale Aerodrome Springvale Hill Squires Bore St Lawrence Stallion Paddock Bore Stallion Yard Stansmore Pool Station Creek Station Yard Stein Creek Stockroute Bore Stockyard Crossing Stoney Bore Stonington Creek Stony Creek Bore Stony Crossing Storm Camp Creek Stretch Lagoon Sugar Bag Yard Sugar Spring Sugarloaf Hill Sullivan Creek Sullivan Hill Sullivan Yard Sump Creek Survey Creek Suzy Creek Sweet Waterhole Sydney Creek Sydney Harbour Yard Syenite Camp Syphon Spring Tableland Talbot Range Talbot Spring Tank Bore Taylor Lookout Tea Tree Creek Teapot Bore Tea-Tree Creek Teeney Spring Teeney Yard Teichert Hills Telegraph Creek Tent Hill Termite Hummocks Teronis Gorge Teronis Yard Texas Downs Tharlow Hill The Black Rocks The Bluff The Brim Rockhole The Island The Island Yard The Junction The Lily Waterhole The Lily Yard The Pelicans The Pentagon The Rock Wall The Turnback The Window Thompson Creek Thompson Spring Three Sisters Hill Throssell River Throssell Yard Thursday Creek Tickalara Bore Tippetts Creek Tirralintji Community Toby Dam Todd Creek Togo Bore Togo Spring Tommy Well Tonka Spring Toongarra Hole Top Blue Hole Top Chamberlain Yard Top Lily Pool Top Sisters Dam Top Spring Top Spring Yard Top Water Top Water Bore Top Yard Topsy Springs Torrens Yard Tracey Microwave Repeater Station Track Dam Tragedy Pass Traine River Traine River Trucking Yard Treacle Waterhole Tree Hill Tufa Spring Tula Yard Tullewa Creek Tullewa Hill Tullewa Spring Tullewa Yards Tumagee Dam Tumagee Waterhole Tumagee Yards Tunganary Bore Tunganary Gorge Tunganary Waterhole Tunganary Yard Turkey Creek Turkey Creek Aerodrome Turkey Creek Stockyard Turkey Hill Turkey Hole Yard Turkey Nest Dam Turkey Nest Tank Turner Turner Aerodrome Turner Hill Turner River Tyson Creek U S Bore Ullinger River Ulysses Bay Upper Panton River Urquhart Creek Utility Gat Valentine Spring Violet Hill Violet Valley Aboriginal Reserve Waddy Spring Bore Waddy Spring Creek Wade Creek Waggon Pass Wah Dodnun Community Wail Wail Ridge Wallaby Rockhole Wallace Hole Wallagee Spring Walls Creek Wandaloo Yard Warmun Warmun Cemetery Warmun Community Warton Range Waterfall Creek Waterfall Yard Watermelon Creek Watery River Watson Dam Watson Waterhole Wattagutabee Community Wattle Spring Wattle Spring Creek Watts Rise Weedy Waterhole Weldon Point Wesley Spring Creek Wesley Yard Wheelbarrow Creek Whiskey Creek White Dam White Gum Flat Creek Yard White Gum Flat Yard White Hill White Hill Bore White Mountain Creek White Mountain Hills White Quartz Hills White Rock Waterhole White Rock Well White Sands Microwave Repeater Station Whitegum Creek Whitewater Creek Wilagee Bore Wilardi Wild Dog Bore Wild Dog Creek Wild Dog Soak Wild Dog Well Wills Creek Willy Willy Creek Willy Willy Well Wilson Bore Wilson River Windoo Hill Windowee Well Winnama Spring Winnama Yard Winnipeg Dam Wirara Creek Wire Creek Wireless Creek Wolfe Bore Wolfe Creek Wolfe Creek East Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater Wolooer Creek Womera Spring Wood Belly Breakaway Wood Belly Creek Wood Bore Wood River Wood Yard Wooden Yard Woodlake Yard Woodward Creek Woodward Range Woolah Community Wowaljarrow Pool Wungu Community Wurrenranginy Community Wyloo Soak Wyloo Yard Wyloo Yards Yambaraba Island Yardgee Community Yardungarl Community Yarrunga Community Yeeda Bore Yellow Hole Dam Yellow Waterhole Yellow Waterhole Creek Yiyili Community Yulmbu Yulumbu Community Jasper Creek Palmer Spring Butlers Hole Waggonette Creek Sundown Creek Dick Creek Buss Creek Moriarty Creek Police Waterhole Killarney Out Station Glenarra Spring Lake Argyle Tourist Village Cabbage Creek Caroline Range Whippo Creek Tippo Creek Anderson Lagoon Appletree Creek Matilda Brook Waterbag Creek Baines River Corkwood Waterhole Stewart Waterhole Price Hill Favell Waterhole Number Twenty-Four Bore Carr Boyd Range Whisky Creek Crawford Waterhole Gallagher Waterhole Karungie Soldier Cap Snake Lagoon Dunham River Denham River Denham River Downs Speewah Mount Yates Duck Waterhole Faynes Knob Bohemia Bore Pompeys Knob Number Thirty-Five Bore Battle Tree Creek Boundary Waterhole Boundary Rockhole Peters Creek Behn Gorge Captain Spring Bluff Face Range ODonnell Range Boomondoo Creek New Humbert Curlew Creek Four Mile Creek Boxer Spring Creek Borer Spring Creek Thirty-Six Mile Creek Pywarra Creek Big Ridge Jumbo Waterhole Number 2 Bore Bare Hill Seven Mile Point Mudspring Creek Waterloo Station Fleming Billabongs Montejinni Waterholes Wallaway Spring Number Twenty Bore Kimberley Dowrah Creek Iorse Creek Stony Knob ODonnell Brook Dingo Creek Gurram Spring Number Thirty-Eight Bore Bald Knob Currenjacki Spring Wild Dog Spring Gregorys Pillar Townshend Creek South Branch Spring Creek North Branch Spring Creek Castle Beach Creek Castlereigh Creek Pussy Cat Creek Kimon Creek Ridgepole Creek Thinigo Range Phillips Range Winari Spring Sanford River Worindate Creek Number Twelve Bore Coomonderoo Waterhole Red Hills Number Thirteen Bore Mount in Creek Yard Nine Mile Dam Siddons Creek J.C. Creek Kimberley Statistical Division Mount Wallaston Canboy Waterhole Nora Creek Gregorys Depot Killalloc Creek J. D. Hill R. B. Creek Blackgin Creek Ford Hill Warraki Hill Gregory Pool Number Seventeen Bore Cockaroo Creek Twin Hills Osmond Creek Brown Creek Threeways Bore Osmond Range Number Two Bore Number Forty-Seven Bore Number Eighteen Bore Back Creek Mount Patterson Violet Valley Frog Hollow Campbell Knob Black Hill Wyockman Creek Jermadine Spring Loodait Creek Loodoit Creek White Mountain Hill Cola Creek Lilly Waterhole Ball Creek George Creek Fourteen Mile Waterhole Yulumbu Tableland Homestead Tablelands Malabur Creek Chungari Chungaree Spring Number One Bore Number Four Bore Black Spring Bond Tree Creek Amos Creek Fourteen Mile Creek Mount Besley Mount Beseley String Creek Koonja Creek Culgnara Spring Chungaree Creek Womalgun Pool Number Twenty-Two Bore Paper Creek New Ord River Waltie Throssell Range Throssel Range Marjorie Creek Elgie Cliffs Homestead Kelley Springs Gordie Creek G.B. Creek Morton Creek Topsy Creek Headleys Knob Number Two Dam Pinnamutta-Murrawong Buckley Spring Bickley Spring Red Lily Creek Black Mountain Seale Spring Anne Creek Colles Downs Arizona Homestead Lees Creek Main Kurrkimbi Creek Kirrkimbi Creek Maude Spring Conacar Creek Chungaminjie Well Mount Nero MacDonald Waterhole Blue Lagoon Gordie Spring Cockatoo Spring Nero Spring No 8 Creek Poison Corner Bore Cohanna Spring Newmans Waterhole Wurruling Waterhole Kurrim Soak Ferguson Well Lilyhole Bore Three Peaked Hill Mindie Well New Lansdowne Neave Creek Bore Turner Homestead Cap Hill Watargattarbe Barrie Creek Carola Valle Out Camp Malula Rockhole Grant Point Leaver Top Gap Six Mile Gap Mackintosh Hills McIntosh Hills Buchanan Spring Sauanders Creek Sambo Waterhole Leridd Gorge Binannyi Waterhole Wyngraming Waterhole Dog Creek Killowi Waterhole Mullerins Gap Bunda Waterhole ODonnell River Gorge Bunda Ridgepole Waterhole Warcurracurra Billabong Barramundy Range Burramundi Range Burramundy Range Stony River Curden Creek One Tree Palm Gorge Four Mile Dam Emu Spring Twenty-Two Mile Waterhole Hooker Creek Well Ten Mile Dam Milba Sophie Downs Homestead Sophy Downs T G Well Nicholson Town Camp Flywell Mueller Range Johnson River Gidgia Plain Louisa Creek Scotts Dam Rockhole Creek Koonjee Park Koongie Park Homestead Seven Mile Well The Black Rock ODonnell River Nellie River Sandy River Linga Valley Barron State Range Cumming Well Bluebush Bore Clarris Bore Springs Plains The Divide Round Hill Frog Valley Waterhole Seven Mile Waterhole Yeerim Soak Gd 14 Bore Kurinyjiyan Larangangong Laranganoonga Pool Ganinyi Mount Tean Mount Tzan Yiyili Willie Willie Creek McClintock Range Anjammi Pool Ngumpan Moongardie Gd 5 Bore Ngunjiwirri Mount Dockerell Kundat Djaru Findley Creek Lothai Hill Willy Willy Willie Willie Willy Willy Battery East Branch Wolf Creek Kupartiya Ten Mile Creek Marlin Creek Black Bindi Waterhole Cusack Bore Grannys Soak Burrtine Pool Bulka Bore Gillman Sturt Supplejack Downs Granny Creek Mount Stubbin Butchilbidee Ima-Ima Pool Jellebra Rockhole Jeelebra Rockhole Marks Bore Snake Bore Wolf Creek Ngarantjadu Gunibuy Gardiner Range Gamma Hole Lurreringu Fort Hill Pingidijarra Rockhole Uritu Spring Jiwaranpa Outstation Mindibungu Lake Talbot Skeens Hole Skeons Hole Stretchs Lagoon Killi Killi Hill Old Soak Kura Soaks Picininny Bore Outstation Conglomerate Well Tanami Rockhole Lake Gregory 


Name: Halls Creek
Publisher: Geoscience Australia (Australian Government)
Scale: 1:1000000
Latitude Range: 16° 0.0′ S – 20° 0.0′ S
Longitude Range: 126° 0.0′ E – 132° 0.0′ E
Projection / Datum: Lambert Conformal Conic, GDA94
Approx Print Size: 0.44m X 0.67m
Publication Date: 2013


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