Helsinki and Finland South Map ITMB


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Helsinki and Finland South Map ITMB 

The Helsinki map has been updated, but is essentially the same as in the previous edition. The cover has been changed completely, including placing a rail network map on the back cover. The real improvement to this map is to include a full-sized map of southern Finland on the reverse side of the sheet.

This is lovely artwork – clear and informative, detailed and comprehensive. It goes as far north as Kokkola, on the coast, or the city of Kuopio in the central interior, and goes as far east as St. Petersburg and shows all the border crossings into Russia. This is a very useful map for travellers visiting Helsinki but also wanting to drive or entrain for visits to Turku, Vaasa, or centres in the interior

2nd Ed. 2012 – 1:10,000/600,000 

ISBN 9781553410188 


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