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Israel Palestine Map ITMB 4th Edition on Waterproof paper 

Israel/Palestine remains a popular travel destination. The great religions of Christianity and Muslimism regard not only Jerusalem but the entire area of Palestine as holy land. Although the title is Israel and Palestine, in an attempt to satisfy political sensitivities, one side of the cover is labelled Israel in both English and Hebrew, and the other side contains a different cover picture and the title Palestine in English and in Arabic. The map itself portrays both cultural entities that make up the overall region. It is impossible to map Israel without including the Palestinian controlled portions and vice versa.

We have included a purple dashed line to indicate the borders currently in place between the two areas of Israel proper and the Palestinian West Bank and the Gaza Strip. These are real, if unaccepted borders, and are subject to change, particularly at the moment, when the Israeli government is so evernly divided, so are shown only for generalized information. As map makers, it is our duty to show things as they are, not as some would prefer them to be. That said, the country is well worth a visit. We rented a car and spent ten days exploring Israel from top to bottom. It is a lovely part of the world, full of friendly and hospitable people and deserves our friendship to all its people and an understanding of their reality.

The maps includes an inset map of Jerusalem and a regional map of the surrounding area, but one would be advised to use the ITMB map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land for a better coverage of this historic city.

ISBN 9781771293655 

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