Melbourne Suburban 362 UBD Gregorys

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Melbourne Suburban 362 UBD Gregorys 

The capital of the ‘Garden State’, Melbourne is located on Port Phillip Bay, with the picturesque Yarra River running through it. by any standard, it is a sophisticated and vibrant city.

The grand-scale city architecture, wide streets, symmetrical grid design and formally landscaped parks and gardens are legacies of the goldrush in nearby Ballarat. Melbourne’s trams give the city a unique flavour. Quiet and pollution free, they are an efficient and attractive means of transport, quickly carrying passengers up and down the main thoroughfares.

Melbourne Suburban Map includes City and surrounding suburbs street map and extends to:
. Geelong
. Werribee
. Sunbury
. Healesville
. Pakenham
. Flinders


ISBN: 9780731933235

Format: Sheetmap, folded

Dimensions: 100cm x69cm

Published: 2023

Edition 8


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