Newcastle Waters 1-1,000,000 Topographic Map Geoscience Australia




Newcastle Waters 1-1,000,000 Topographic Map Geoscience Australia

1: 1 Million General Reference Topographic Map Print on Demand

This map is part of a series which comprises 50 maps which covers the whole of Australia at a scale of 1:1 000 000 (1cm on a map represents 10km on the ground). Each standard map covers an area of 6 degrees longitude by 4 degrees latitude or about 590 kilometres east to west and about 440 kilometres from north to south. These maps depict natural and constructed features including transport infrastructure (roads, railway airports), hydrography, contours, hypsometric and bathymetric layers, localities and some administrative boundaries, making this a useful general reference map.

Locations within this Map

Borroloola Elliott Tennant Creek Yanyula Borroloola Aerodrome Daly Waters Aerodrome Highway Inn No 32 Bore No 1 Bore No 22 Bore No 23 Bore No 24 Bore No 25 Bore No 30 Bore No 33 Bore No 35 Bore No 4 Bore Yayah Creek Mcdouall Ranges 12 Mile Waterhole 15 Mile Yard 16 Paddock Dam 18 Mile Waterhole 4 Mile Bore 5 Mile Waterhole 5 Mile Yard 6 Mile Dam 6 Mile Waterhole 6 Mile Yard 8 Mile Yard 9 Mile Yard A 437 A 438 A 441 A 445 A 446 A 447 A 448 A 449 A 450 A 451 A 452 A 453 A 454 A 455 A 456 A 459 A Bore Abel Tasman River Abner Range Acacia Turkey Nest Adala Swamp Adder Dam Adder Waterhole Agalawu Waterhole Agnes Creek Alexander Alexandria Alexandria Airstrip Alexandria Bore Alfie Spring Allan Border Bore Allan Knott Tank Alligator Yard Alroy Downs Alroy Downs Airfield Alum Lagoon Ambullya Waterhole Amelia Creek Amelia Spring Amos Creek Amungee Mungee Waterhole Anderson Waterhole Anjawilly Bore Anthony Lagoon Anzac Hill Anzac Hill Park Archie Yard Archie Yard Bore Archies Creek Argo Arnold Arrawanja Waterhole Ashburton Range Ashley Mallet Bore Attack Creek Attack Creek Historical Reserve Attack Creek Waterhole Attack Dam Auld Pond Avon Bore B Bore Badjamini Waterhole Bagandjudi Gorge Bagungandja Spring Bahngi Bluff Bajaminyi Baker Creek Baker Yard Balagan Hill Balamini Hill Balbirini Balbirini Airfield Balbirini Creek Balbirini Waterhole Bald Hills Baldy Waterhole Ballyaira Creek Ballyaira Waterhole Bamadjina Claypan Banginga Hill Banka Banka Banka Banka Airstrip Banka Bore Banka Creek Banker Waterhole Baraba Bore Baraba Dam Baralandji Barkly Airfield Barkly Homestead Roadhouse Barkly Stock Route Barkly Tableland Barmaranja Waterhole Barney Creek Barney Creek Crossing Barney Creek Hot Spring Barney Hill Barramundi Creek Barramundi Yard Barrumbal Swamp Barwidgee Creek Basin Spring Battery Block Battery Hill Battery Hill Mining Centre Battery Waterhole Bauhinia Creek Bauhinia Downs Bauhinia Jump Up Bauhinia Landing Ground Bauhinia Spring Bdarin Waterhole Beauty Creek Becks Waterhole Beef Hole Beefwood Waterhole Beetaloo Beetaloo Waterhole Beetle Spring Bell Waterhole Belyabba Waterhole Belyabba Yard Benaud Bore Benmara Benmara Creek Benmara Hut Benmara Landing Ground Benmara Yard Berakfulla Creek Berakfulla Waterhole Bessie Creek Bessie Spring Bessie Yard Big Bend Waterhole Big Bullock Creek Big Bunungan Swamp Big Hole Big Hole Yard Big Stinking Lagoon Bill Lawry Tank Billengarrah Billengarrah Creek Billengarrah Landing Ground Bills Dam Billy Creek Billycan Creek Bindanini Hills Binimudja Hill Binmarina Gorge Birdum Birrimba Bishop Bore Bishop Creek Bishop Dam Bitumen Waterhole Black Angel Black Angel Mine Black Angle Block Black Springs Creek Blackfella Creek Blackfella Spring Blakeway Blanche Creek Blangyalina Waterhole Blondies Swamp Bloodwood Creek Bloodwood Dam Bloodwood Soak Bloodwood Yard Blue Bush Blue Bush Bore Bluebush Bore Bluebush Gully Bluey Creek Bluey Waterhole Bluff Range Bobbies Hill Dam Boggy Lagoon Boko Hill Boocarriwee Waterhole Booda Bore Boolanboo Corner Boomerang Creek Boomerang Waterhole Boon Bore Boon Hill Boorodo Waterhole Bootu Creek Boowomboo Waterhole Border Creek Border Waterhole Boree Creek Borodo Creek Borroloola Cemetery Borroloola Health Centre Borroloola Jump Up Borroloola Police Station Borroloola Police Station Museum Borroloola Pre School Borroloola Racecourse Borroloola School Bostock Bore Bostock Creek Botham Bore Botham Tank Bottom Rocky Waterhole Bough Shed Creek Boundary Bore Boundary Creek Bowgan Waterhole Box Creek Box Hole Dam Boxer Creek Bradman Bore Braimers Dam Branch Creek Breakfast Creek Breakneck Creek Briggs Lagoon Broad Creek Broad Range Broadmere Broadmere Landing Ground Broadmere Waterhole Broken Buggy Creek Broken Dam Brown Rock Waterhole Bruce Laird Bore Brumbreu Waterhole Brumby Creek Brumby Dam Brumby Spring Brunchilly Brunchilly Creek Brunchilly Dam Brunette Creek Brunette Creek Bore Brunette Downs Brunette Downs Racecourse Buchanan Bore Buchanan Creek Buchanan Dam Bucket Creek Bucket Creek Bore Bucket Waterhole Buddycarrawa Creek Budjanga Budjarali Waterhole Buffalo Bore Buffalo Creek Buffalo Hole Dam Buffalo Lagoon Buffalo Waterhole Buffalo Yard Bujan Bukalara Range Bull Creek Bull Waterhole Bullcamp Creek Buller Creek Bullet Creek Bullock Creek Bullock Waterhole Bullrush Spring Buloonungroo Creek Bundara Creek Burash Waterhole Burge Bore Burgula Swamp Burke Creek Burke Yards Burketown Crossing Burrumburru Burrumburu Landing Ground Burton Creek Burton Park Burudu Burulina Waterhole Butchers Waterhole C Bore Cabbage Gum Bore Cabbage Gum Bore No 10 Cabbage Gum Bore No 2 Cabbage Gum Bore No 9 Callabo Yard Calvert Calvert Hills Calvert Hills Aerodrome Calvert River Calvert Yard Camel Creek Camel Creek Yard Cameron Lagoon Camp Creek Cants Waterhole Cape Crawford Cape Crawford Landing Ground Captains Spring Caranbirini Conservation Reserve Caranbirini Creek Caranbirini Waterhole Carmilly Bore Carmilly Creek Carmilly Dam Carmilly Springs Carmilly Waterhole Caroline Airstrip Caroline Creek Caroline Yard And Dip Carrara Creek Carrara Range Carrara Waterhole Carruthers Creek Carruthers Tank Cassius Clay Bore Cassius Clay Tank Cat Creek Cat Hole Caterpillar Spring Catfish Hole Catfish Yard Cattle Creek Cattle Creek Bore Cattle Creek Paddock Cattle Creek Waterhole Cattle Creek Yard Caulfield Clay Flats Causeway Bore Cave Yard Creek Central Creek Central Government Battery Chambers Hole Dam Champion Creek Channingum Creek Chapman Lagoon Cherub Creek China Wall China Wall Jump Up Chow-Chowra Creek Chow-Chowra Dam Christmas Creek Churchills Head Cigarette Hole Creek Cigarette Waterhole Clarke Creek Clarke Yard Cleanskin Creek Cliff Creek Cliff Nissan Bore Clive Lloyd Bore Coanjula Creek Coates Yard Cobb Creek Cockatoo Creek Coeala Creek Colabirrian Waterhole Collar Creek Collei Bore Collins Creek Colyer Lagoon Condalara Waterhole Conduya Spring Confusion Dam Connells Bore Connells Lagoon Connellys Camp Waterhole Connellys Waterhole Conservation Bore Coodna Waterhole Cooee Hill Coolibah Creek Coolibah Waterhole Coolibah Yard Coolibar Bore Coolunjie Waterhole Corcoran Creek Corella Creek Corella Hole Corella Lake Corella No 2 Bore Corkwood Creek Corner Bore Corner Turkey Nest Corporal Creek Cow Creek Cow Lagoon Cow Paddock Bore Cox Knob Coxco Valley Crawford Yard Cresswell Downs Creswell Creswell Creek Creswell Gap Crocodile Creek Crocodile Hole Crocodile Waterhole Crocodile Yard Crook River Crooked Bore Crooked Creek Crow Creek Crows Nest Waterhole Crushing Plant Dam Crystal Hill Cullebar Yard Cunanningi Waterhole D 1 Tank D 11 Bore D 16 Bore D Bore D10 Bore D12 Bore D13 Bore D14 Bore D15 Bore D17 Bore D18 Bore D19 Bore D2 Bore D21 Bore D22 Bore D23 Bore D24 Bore D25 Bore D26 Bore D27 Bore D28 Bore D29 Bore D3 Bore D30 Bore D31 Bore D32 Bore D34 Bore D35 Bore D36 Bore D38 Bore D39 Bore D4 Bore D40 Bore D42 Bore D43 Bore D44 Bore D45 Bore D46 Bore D47 Bore D5 Bore D6 Bore D7 Bore D8 Bore D9 Bore Dalmore Dam Dalmore Downs Dalmore No 16 Bore Dalmore No 8 Bore Dalmore No 9 Bore Daly Waters Daly Waters Creek Danbagi Waterhole Danbiari Gorge Danmanmarrinini Hill Danyala Lagoon Darcy Copper Dariel Gate Darkie Plain Bore Daves Yard David Hookes Bore Day Lagoon Dead Mans Yard Deadmans Creek Deagan Waterhole Debbil Debbil Creek Debil Debil Soak Deep Creek Desert Bore Desert Creek Diamond Drill Hole Bore Didibuli Rockhole Dillinghams Bore Dingarunda Hill Dingo Creek Dingo Hill Dingo Waterhole Dinner Camp Creek Dinner Creek Dirindiri Creek Divine Bore Dixon Ridge Djalarana Hill Djalawari Waterhole Djamangu Hill Djanarau Waterhole Djangaginyin Bluff Djangalina Waterhole Djilandarina Waterhole Djilwindjina Gorge Djinindja Waterhole Djiwala Waterhole Djumbarana Claypan Doctors Creek Don Creek Donald Yard Donkey Hole Yard Donnegan Creek Dookamunda Waterhole Doolgarina Doreen Yard Doreen Yard Dam Doris Creek Doris Creek Dam Douglas Creek Dry Creek Dub Bore Duck Waterhole Dunganminnie Creek Dunganminnie Spring Dungowan Dunmarra Dunmarra Waterhole E Bore Eaglehawk Dam Eagles Nest Bore Eastern Creek Echo Gorge Edwards Creek Eight Mile Bore Eight Mile Creek Eight Mile Spring Eight Mile Waterhole Eighteen Mile Creek El Dorado Eldorado Park Eleanor Pool Eleanor Pool Yard Elliott Cemetery Elliott Health Centre Elliott North Camp Elliott Police Station Elliott School Elliott South Camp Elliott Yard Emmerugga Creek Emu Creek Emu Dam Emu Waterhole Eva Bore Eva Creek Eva Downs Eva Turkey Nest Explorer 46 F Bore Fasal Deens Battery Fat Cow Creek Favenc Range Fenech Bore Ferguson Bore Ferguson Creek Ficklin Creek Fifteen Mile Yard Fish Creek Fish Creek Yard Fish Hole Fish Hole Creek Fish River Fish River Valley Fish-Hole Creek Fish-Hole Waterhole Five Brothers Hill Five Mile Spring Five Mile Waterhole Five Mile Yard Flat Top Hill Flemington Racecourse Claypan Fletcher Creek Dip Yard Floodout Bore Floodout Dam Flying Fox Creek Foelsche River Forrest Creek Four Mile Creek Four Mile Lagoon Francis Dam Fraser Creek Frazer Creek Frazier Bore And Yards Frew Pond Frew River Frew’s Ironstone Pond Frog Lagoon Frog Rock Jump Up G Bore Gabulaguna Spring Galiba Waterhole Gallipoli Galwalyina Waterhole Gamunguru Hill Gananguli Waterhole Gandulinya Hill Gap Bore Garawa 1 Garawa 2 Garfield Sobers Tank Garrinjinny Gator Waterhole Gavasker Bore Gawulina Lagoon Gecko Mine George Creek George Redmond Crossing George Spring Gibson Creek Gidyea Creek Gidyea Yard Gilidji Hill Gin Creek Gin Creek Dam Gleeson Bore Gleeson Creek Gleeson Spring Gleeson Tank Glenroy Turkey Nest Goanna Bore Goanna Creek Goanna Yard Gold Creek Golden Yard Goochegoochena Creek Goodiar Creek Goolminyini Goolys Copper Mine Goonadara Waterhole Goonooma Creek Goose Creek Goose Lagoon Gorge Creek Gorge Waterhole Gosse Bore Yard Gosse River Government Battery Government Bore Govt Bore Goyder Range Grainger Hole Gravel Creek Grays Bluff Great Western Green River Green Swamp Well Green Swamp Well 4 Greenbank Greg Chappell Bore Gregory River Grimmett Bore Gudari Hill Gudindjina Waterhole Gudjabinyi Hill Gudjabinyi Range Gulbandjudi Waterhole Gulunguru Gum Bore Gum Creek Gum Flat Creek Gum Flat Yard Gum Hole Gum Ridge Gum Waterhole Gum Yard Gumuldji Hill Gumuluji Gunamarilla Waterhole Gunara Waterhole Gunarigini Hill Gunbululunyi Creek Gundaruru Spring Gundy Springs Gurrminyini Spring Gurumburu Gorge Gurumburu Rockhole Guttapercha Waterhole H Bore Hadlee Bore Hammer Creek Hassett Bore Hawker Creek Hayfield No 1 Bore Hayfield No 3 Bore Hayfields Hayward Creek Heifer Creek Helen Creek Helen Springs Helen Springs Bore Herbert River Here’s Your Chance Mine Hickety Bore Hidden Valley Hingstons Place Hit Or Miss Well Hi-Way Inn Hoad Bore Hobblechain Creek Hobblestrap Hobblestrap Creek Holding Bore Hollomo Noon Waterhole Homebound Creek Horse Creek Horse Creek Bore No 7 Horse Paddock Horse Paddock Lagoon Hot Spring Creek Hot Springs Valley Howell Ponds Huddleson Lagoon Bore Hunter Creek Ian Chappell Bore Ian Redpath Bore Ibis Hole Yard Ibis Waterhole Idjari Waterhole Ijarra Illida Waterhole Illilleeri Waterhole Iluwurru Inacumba Creek Indamilly Waterhole Inganda Billabong Ingeranunga Waterhole Intercom Bore Inyitbar Waterhole Iranindjina Creek Ivanhoe Mine J Bore Jack Dempsey Bore Jacks Creek Jangirulu Jarvis Waterhole Jeromah Creek Jiberu Creek Jiberu Waterhole Jilundarina Jilundarina Landing Ground Jim Rennie Memorial Reserve Jingaloo Jingerah Bore Joanundah Waterholes Joe Hole Joe Louis Bore Joel Garner Tank John Flynn Historical Reserve John Flynn Memorial Johnannsen Bore Johnnys Swamp Johnston Lagoon Jones Bore Jones Store Newcastle Waters Jubilee Jubilee Park Junction Bore Junction Reserve Bore Junction Yard Juno Mine K 7 Bore K 9 Bore K Bore K1 Bore K10 Bore K11 Bore K13 Bore K15 Bore K17 Bore K18 Bore K2 Bore K20 Bore K21 Bore K3 Bore K4 Bore K5 Bore K6 Bore K8 Bore Kalala Kalumpurlpa Kangaroo Creek Kangaroo Springs Creek Kapil Dev Bore Kargaru Karns Creek Kartijirarrakanya Claypan Kathleen Park Katoura Creek Keith Stackpole Tank Kekwick Ponds Kelly Creek Kelly Gap Kelly Well Kelly Well No 1 Kelly Well No 10 Kelly Well No 11 Kelly Well No 12 Kelly Well No 13 Kelly Well No 14 Kelly Well No 15 Kelly Well No 2 Kelly Well No 4 Kelly Well No 5 Kelly Well No 6 Kelly Well No 7 Kelly Well No 8 Kelly Well No 9 Kelly West Kellys Bore Kennedy Creek Kepler Wessels Bore Kerramun Lagoon Kerringnew Swamp Key Creek Kiana Kiana School Kiernan Springs Yard Kildara Paddock Kildara Parrock Kilgour Bore Kilgour Camp Yard Kilgour Gorge Waterhole Kilgour River Kilgour Yard Kings Pond Kinkeyburta Waterhole Kiora Dam Koolfella Creek Koolooloongoo Waterhole Koo-Nana Creek Kuerschner Creek Kulumpurlpa Kumunu Kunayungku Kunjarra Kurntapurra Kurraya L Bore Ladabah Bore Lagoon Creek Lagoon Waterhole Lake De Burgh Lake Mary Ann Lake Sylvester Lake Woods Lalalana Falls Lamalooma Yard Lamont Creek Lamont Pass Lancewood Creek Landing Ground Unnamed Lansen Creek Large Creek Laver Tank Lawson Bore Lawson Creek Leewardja Waterhole Left Creek Left Hand Branch Herbert River Leila 1st Crossing Leila Creek Leila Crossing Leila Hill Leila Lagoon Len Pascoe Bore Lenney Waterhole Leonard Tank Les Waterhole Letica Paddock Letter Creek Letterbox Creek Lewis Ridge Bore Libiayina Spring Lidjalaii Junction Lignum Creek Lignum Waterhole Lija Mukumparla Lijabanba Creek Likkaparta Liligi Creek Lillee Bore Lilly Woodcutter Waterhole Lily Creek Lily Dam Lily Hole Creek Lily Lagoon Lily Waterhole Limarranga Hill Limestone Bore Limpe Waterhole Liragi Hills Liri Liri Dam Lirri-Lirri Creek Little Bunungan Swamp Little Calvert River Little Cleanskin Creek Little Creek Little Dinner Creek Little Eva Mine Little Pandanus Creek Little Range Little Spring Little Stinking Lagoon Liwalindji Hill Lobs Camp Yard Lone Star Hill Long Waterhole Longreach Bore Longreach Waterhole Longreach Yard Looa Bore Looa Creek Looa Waterhole Looking Glass Creek Lookout Hill Looria Waterhole Lorne Creek Lorne Creek Yard Lorne Waterhole Loveday Creek Loves Bore Loves Hole Creek Lulu Waterhole M Bore Madulgina Creek Mailchange Waterhole Maiurundjuru Gully Malcolm Spring Mallapunyah Mallapunyah Creek Manaburu Waterholes Manamanala Waterhole Manangoora Manda Ngubu Creek Mandalugi Hill Manga Manda Waterhole Maningidjalki Waterhole Mara Marambarina Hill Marble Creek Margoogoo Yard Mariniri Marla Marla Marla Marla Kantitji Marlandarra Creek Marlinja Marmarina Lagoons Marrakin Waterhole Marshall Bore Martin Kent Bore Martyrs Tree Bore Mary Anne Dam Maryville Massacre Hill Mastertons Cave Matchbox Creek Matheson Creek Mawurla Hill Max Walker Bore Mc Arthur River Mc Canch Spring Mc Craggan Creek Mc Craggans Yard Mc Farlane Bore Mc Gorrery Pond Mc Kay Bore Mc Kay Creek Mc Kinlay Creek Mc Queens Yard McArthur Mcdermotts Creek McDouall Range Mclean Bore Mcleod Range Medusa Ridge Meerie Waterhole Miamarada Hill Microwave Repeater Tower Middle Bore Middle Branch Herbert River Middle Creek Middle Dam Middle River Middle Tomkinson Creek Midjbamidjbira Lagoon Mikado Creek Mikado Dam Mikado Paddock Miller Bore Miller Waterhole Milner Lagoon Mimina Mindilara Lagoon Mindurina Rockholes Mingabarri Plain Mingabarri Range Mistake Creek Mitchiebo Tank Mitchiebo Waterhole Mittiebah Mittiebah Airstrip Mittiebah Bore Mittiebah Creek Mittiebah Range Mitty Bore Mitty Waterhole Miyikampi Moloney Creek Monmoona Creek Monmoona Waterhole Monument Hill Moonlight Rock Hole Moonlight Rockhole Fossicking Area Moonlight Yard Morgan Creek Morginie Waterhole Morphett Creek Morriss Bore Mortuary Hill Mount Argo Mine Mount Brown Mount Castle Mount Cleland Mount Dadamandja Mount Drummond Mount Feathertop Mount Grayling Mount Hall Mount Hawker Mount Joe Mount Lamb Mount Lynott Mount Marmbulligan Mount Morgan Mount Rugged Mount Samuel Mount Shillinglaw Mount Willieray Mount Woodcock Mountain Creek Muckaty Muckaty Bore Mud Bore Muinyin Spring Mulga Dam Mulholland Creek Mullacumboola Waterhole Mulurudju Waterhole Muluyuluma Waterhole Mumbilla Waterhole Mundah Bore Mundah Waterhole Mundibarina Waterhole Mundine Bore Mungabroom Mungalawurru Mungarbroom Landing Ground Munji-Marla Munkaderry Waterhole Munmin Waterhole Munyalini Murlangba Lagoon Murphys Creek Murranji Murranji Bore Murranji Landing Ground Murranji Stock Route Murrenginya Island Murtulki Murudimandja Range Murun Murula Musca Musselbrook Creek Muttamundra Waterhole Myoorlka Island Mystery Creek Nabunga Creek Nadjabarra Lagoon Nalalina Gorge Nambunga Creek Namerinni Namerinni Waterhole Napagunpa Nellengetshia Waterhole Nelly Creek Nelly Waterhole Nelson Hole Dam Net Creek New Bluebush Bore New Hickety Bore New No 2 Bore Newcastle Creek Newcastle Waters Newcastle Waters School Ngalpa Ngalpa Ngalpa Ngalpa Hill Ngappamilarnu Ngaranngangbidji Hill Ngunarra Ngurala Waterhole Ngurbulurinyin Waterhole Ngurrara Ngyanguwa Waterhole Nicholson Nicholson River Nicholsons Bore Night Yard Nilly Waterhole Niludalina Spring Nimble Yard Nine Mile Creek Nine Mile Yard Nip Hole Nippers Creek Nmvg 686 No 1 Wallhallow Bore No 10 Bore No 10 Redford Bore No 100 Bore No 101 Bore No 11 Bore No 11 Tank No 12 Bore No 12 Dam No 12 Tank No 13 Bore No 13 Dam No 13 Letica Bore No 13 Tank No 13a Bore No 14 Bore No 14 Crows Nest Bore No 15 Anthony Lagoon Bore No 15 Bore No 16 Bore No 16 Paradise Bore No 17 Bore No 17 Scrubby Bore No 18 Bore No 19 Bore No 19 Dam No 19 Mikado Bore No 2 Wallhallow Bore No 2 Bore No 20 Bore No 20 Bore & Yards No 20 Dam No 21 Bore No 21 Dam No 23 Paddock No 24 Dookamunda Bore No 24 Holding Paddock No 24 Turkey Nest No 25 Bloodwood Bore No 26 Bore No 27 Bore No 27 New Cattle Creek Bore No 28 Bore No 29 Bore No 2b Bore No 3 Wallhallow Bore No 3 Bore No 3 Bore North No 3 Bottom Bore No 3 Gibson Bore No 31 Anthony Lagoon Bore No 31 Wallhallow Bore No 31 Bore No 33 Dam No 34 Bore No 36 Bore No 37 Bore No 38 Bore No 39 Bore No 3A Bore No 4 Anthony Lagoon Bore No 4 Cresswell Downs Bore No 4 Wallhallow Bore No 40 Bore No 41 Bore No 42 Bore No 43 Bore No 44 Bore No 45 Bore No 46 Bore No 47 Bore No 48 Bore No 49 Bore No 5 Anthony Lagoon Bore No 5 Wallhallow Bore No 5 Alluvial Bore No 5 Bore No 50 Bore No 51 Bore No 52 Bore No 53 Bore No 54 Bore No 54 Bore Bull Bore No 54b Bore No 55 Bore No 56 Bore No 57 Bore No 58 Bore No 59 Bore No 6 Anthony Lagoon Bore No 6 Wallhallow Bore No 6 Bore No 60 Bore No 61 Bore No 62 Bore No 63 Bore No 64 Bore No 65 Bore No 66 Bore No 67 Bore No 68 Bore No 69 Bore No 7 Bore No 7 Dam No 7 Dingo Bore No 7Rockhampton Downs Bore No 72 Bore No 73 Bore No 74 Bore No 76 Bore No 77 Bore No 79 Bore No 7a Dam No 8 Anthony Lagoon Bore No 8 Cresswell Downs Bore No 8 Wallhallow Bore No 8 Armchair Bore No 8 Bore No 80 Bore No 81 Bore No 82 Bore No 83 Bore No 85 Bore No 88 Bore No 89 Bore No 8a Bore No 9 Bore No 9 Cant Bore No 9 Hayward Bore No 90 Bore No 91 Bore No 93 Bore No 94 Bore No 95 Bore No 96 Bore No 97 Bore No 98 Bore No Mans Creek No Return Creek Nobles Nob Nobles Nob Mine Noons Rockhole Norris Creek North Adder Paddock North Hayward Creek North Lancewood Creek North Star North Star Dam & Bore North Tomkinson Creek Northern Territory Nudjabarra Nudjabarra Landing Ground Number 10 Bore Number 11 Bore Number 12 Bore Number 13 Bore Number 14 Bore Number 2 Bore Number 3 Bore Number 4 Bore Number 5 Bore Number 6 Bore Number 6 Hinkler Bore Number 7 Bore Number 8 Bore Number 9 Bore Nungalla Waterhole Nyinkka Nyunyu Interpretive Centre O Bore O T Downs October Creek October Creek Paddock Okey Creek Old Burke Homestead Old Kiana Old Redbank Mine Old Seigal Creek Old Stake Yard Old Tanumbirini Old Trap Yard Old Ucharonidge Old Yard One Mile Creek One Tree Bore Onomohl Waterhole Oodjuongari Waterhole Oolgoolgarri Swamp Orange Tree Bore O’Reillys Bore Orlando Dam Orlando Mine P Bore Packsaddle Creek Packsaddle Waterhole Paddy Spring Creek Pakulki Pamayu Pandanus Copper Mine Pandanus Creek Pandanus Waterhole Paradise Bore Paradise Pool Rockhole Parson Creek Parson Yard Parsons Yard Patterson Bore And Yard Peak Knob Peaker Piker Creek Pear Tree Creek Peko Peko Park Percy Lookout Perplexity Creek Petulki Waterhole Phillip Creek Phillip Creek Bore Photo Creek Photo Yard Piccaninny Creek Piggy Lagoon Yard Piker Creek Piker Springs Pilgrim Park Pingala Plain Bore Plain Creek Playford Bore Playford River Point Wakefield Police Bore Pondun Waterhole Possum Point Yard Potato Flat Bore Powell Creek Powell Creek Telegraph Station Prentice Lake Pungalina Creek Purrukuwurru Puzzle Creek Puzzle Creek Yard Puzzle Waterhole Quartz Hill Queensland Creek Queensland Pocket R Bore Ranken Plain Bore Ranken Store Red Bluff Red Rock Redbank Creek Redbank Landing Ground Redbank Mine Redford Paddock Reg Williams Bore Relief Creek Relief Creek Yard Renehan Ridges Renner Creek Renner Springs Revolver Lagoon Rick Mccosker Bore Rifle Creek Rifle Creek Yard Right Creek Ringwood Creek Robies Bore Robinson River Robinson River Aerodrome Robinson River Health Centre Robinson River School Rock Island Rockhampton Downs Rockhampton Downs School Rocklands East Bore Rocklands West Bore Rocky 2 Bore Rocky Creek Rocky Hole Rocky Marciano Bore Rocky Range Rocky Waterhole Rocky Yard Rocnest Rod Marsh Bore Roderick Waterhole Rose Bore Rosewell Bore Ross Creek Ross Creek Bore Round Lagoon Rubys Creek Running Creek Running Creek Yard Ryan Bend Ryan Bend Waterhole Ryan Bend Yard S Bore S45 Bore Salttrough Waterhole Sandfly Island Sandridge Sandy Creek Sandy Lagoon Sandy Pocket Scarlet Hill Scrub Dam Scrubby Creek Scrubby Nest Scrubby Paddock Scrutton Lagoon Scrutton Range Seigal Creek Settlement Creek Seven Emu Seven Emu Creek Seven Mile Creek Seven Mile Spring Shadforth Yard Shady Camp Creek Shady Camp Waterhole Shamrock Speedway Shandon Downs Shark Creek Shenandoah Shepards Yard Short Range Shovel Waterhole Six Mile Creek Six Mile Yard Skeleton Creek Skipper Hill Skull Creek Skull Yard Skuthorp Creek Skuthorp Creek East Branch Skuthorp Creek West Branch Slab Top Hill Smythe Creek Snake Creek Snake Lagoon Snake Nest Snappy Gum Waterhole Snipe Lagoon Soak Creek South Adder Paddock South Newcastle Bore South Nicholson Creek South Nicholson River South Tomkinson Creek South Turkey Nest Southern Cross Bore Southern Cross Creek Spear Creek Spear Creek Bore Spear Creek Dam Spear Waterhole Spell Paddock Bore Spellesie Creek Spellesie Dam Spring Creek Spring Waterhole Starvation Hill Station Hill Steelcon Bore Stock Route Bore Stockyard Creek Stoney Dam Stoney Hole Stony Bore Stott Creek Stretton Creek Strutton Tank Stuart Memorial Stuart Swamp Stud Turkey Nest Sturt Plain Sturt Plain Bore Sturt Range Supplejack Turkey Nest Surprise Creek Surprise Pocket Surveyors Waterhole Sweetwater Bore T Bore Tablelands Tadjinarra Rock Hole Tanami East Tandyidgee Bore Tandyidgee Waterhole Tanners Yard Tanumbirini Tanumbirini Creek Tanumbirini Landing Ground Tanumbirini Station Cemetery Tanumbirini Waterhole Tarrabool Lake Tatoola Creek Tawallah Tawallah Landing Ground Ten Mile Creek Tennant Creek Aerodrome Tennant Creek Ambulance Station Tennant Creek Bore Fields Tennant Creek Fire Station Tennant Creek General Cemetery Tennant Creek Golf Club Tennant Creek High School Tennant Creek Hospital Tennant Creek Police Station Tennant Creek Post Office Tennant Creek Pre School Tennant Creek Primary School Tennant Creek Public Library Tennant Creek Railway Station Tennant Creek Telegraph Station Tergirgi Rockhole Termite The Bend Waterhole The Block Waterhole The Residence Theiss Bore Thistle Duck Yard Thommo Bore Three Knobs Three Knobs Creek Three Mile Creek Three Ways Roadhouse Ti Tree Spring Tin Creek Tin Hole Creek Tinkarli Tjoungouri Tobacco Creek Tobacco Waterhole Tobacco Yard Trap Tom Creek Tom Lagoon Creek Tomkinson Creek Tony Greig Bore Tooganginie Creek Toolaway Waterhole Tooliganbilly Creek Tooliganbilly Waterhole Top 18 Mile Waterhole Top Crossing Top Hobblestrap Yard Top Lily Waterhole Top Rocky Waterhole Top Spring Top Spring Creek Top Station Hill Top Yard Creek Tortoise Creek Toudinny Creek Toudinny Dam Toudinny Waterhole Town of Borroloola Town of Daly Waters Town of Elliott Town of Newcastle Waters Trap Yard Triangular Yard Trig Hill Trimble Tank Turkey Creek Turkey Dam Turkey Lagoon Yard Turkey Nest Tank Turntable Yard Tuxworth Fullwood Museum Twelve Mile Creek Twelve Mile New Well Two Mile Creek U 751 U 760 U 761 U 762 U 763 U 764 U 771 U 773 U 774 U 775 U 776 U 777 U 779 U 781 U 783 U Bore Ucharonidge Ucharonidge Landing Ground Ulginuli Waterhole Umboolooga Creek Umboolooga Waterhole Undemow Waterhole Upper Amazon Lagoon Uranyina Waterhole Uridjidi Hill Uyumudi Junction V Bore Valhalla Creek Valley Yard Van Alphen River Village Camp Viv Richards Bore W 1 Dam W 2 Dam W 3 Dam W Bore Wadjagumadji Waterhole Waggaridge Dams Waiakbohn Waterhole Walhallow Walhallow Bore Walkers Bore Wallamunda Waterhole Wallis Creek Wally Grout Bore Walyarri Waterhole Wandangula Wandangula Lagoon Wangalinji Waranguri Lagoon Warby Warby Lagoon Warraragini Waterhole Warrego Bore No 6 Warrego Dam Warrego Mine Warrego Primary School Washing Springs Wasp Soak Waterfall Creek Watiyangu Waterhole Watty’s Bore Wawunyunu Waterhole Weaner Hole Dam Weaner Waterhole Wee Lingaree Creek Weldon Crossing Well Creek Wendy Bore Western Creek Westmoreland Valley Whippet Whippet Hill Whistle Duck Hole White Dam White Devil Mine White Hill White Hill Bore White Hole Creek White Hole Dam White Hole Waterhole White Waterhole Whitewood Bore Whitington Range Wiernty Well Wiitin Wild Cow Creek Wilfred Creek Wilfred Waterhole Wilkensons Bore Wilkinson Creek William Creek William Yard Williams Creek Willieray Window Hill Windy Bore Windy Gully Wire Yard Waterhole Wirrilla Swamp Wiso Peko Bore Wiso Bore Wogyala Wolcongie Waterhole Wollogorang Wollogorang Landing Ground Wollogorang Station Cemetery Wolseley Wonardo Paddock Wonga Creek Wonmurri Lagoon Woodoo Waterhole Woolcocks Bore Woolegorila Yard Woonalyaria Waterhole Wulaburri Wulbu Escarpment Wulbu Hills Wunara Wundigalla Wundirgi Native Well Wunugunumara Waterhole Wuppa Wurembong Waterhole Wurlbu Wyella Waterhole X 18 Bore X1 Bore X10 Bore X11 Bore X12 Bore X13 Bore X14 Bore X15 Bore X16 Bore X17 Bore X2 Bore X3 Bore X6 Bore X7 Bore X8 Bore Xmas Creek Xmas Hole Y Bore Yabbagalonga Yakkula Hills Yaladji Creek Yaladjina Falls Yaladjina Spring Yalgu Waterhole Yangulinyina Yaroo Creek Yawununganji Creek Yellow Hole Bore Yellow Hole Yard Yellow Waterhole Yellow Waterhole Creek Yellow Waterhole Yard Yungurri Waterhole Yurongan Waterhole Poison Creek Limestone Creek Alpha Bore Pops Waterhole Koomaloora Waterhole Mirrayee Rockhole Buddabudda Waterhole The Scrutton Yanyular Wonmaree Lagoon NB Bore Number Thirteen Bore Pemmy Waterhole Konnerkinko Bore Campbell Spring Sanbargudgina Waterhole Roonjung Waterhole Seven Emus Creek Bolarin Waterhole Marmbulligan Sunday Creek Bravo Bore Balubalamun Waterhole Jangurria Griffiths Bore Old Bauhinia Downs Momong Waterhole Yalco Creek Pelican Waterhole Billabalunga Waterhole Safari Bore Ferret Reef Abel Tasman Creek Dalys Waters Jaberu Creek Kanumba Billabong Black Springs Waterhole Number Five Bore Seven Emus Eunirry Waterhole Wombaran Billabong Mungah Waterhole Simpsons Lagoon Twelve Mile Bore Hume Waterhole Turtle Lagoon Moonlight Waterhole Karungait Waterhole Jintrywah Waterhole Jaberu Waterhole Number Eleven Bore Hogpin Waterhole OHare Bore Brumby Lagoon Fig Tree Creek Munbaloora Waterhole Ingeranonga Waterhole Toms Lagoon Creek Glyde River Clyde Creek Glyde Creek Jibaru Bore Rockhole Waterhole Jundee Waterhole Campbells Camp Heres Your Chance Mine McArthur River Gurrog Waterhole Parsons Creek King Bore Conklebeny Bore Slap Top Hill Boundary Waterhole Dinner Camp Lagoon Leila First Crossing Martin Waterhole Noon Rockhole O T Bore Warramban Waterhole O.T. Downs Hopple Strap Creek Number Four Bore Dunmara Bullock Head Waterholes James Bore Jump Up Cairn Bald Knob Kitiburra Waterhole Five Ways Bore Peters Hole Fishermans Bore Quaker Creek Murranji Waterholes Carranja Creek Lett Creek Smoko Lagoon Madigan Bore Darcys Homestead Nash Soak Paradise Creek Number Seven Bore Howells Ponds Frazier Bore and Yards Frazier Bore Number Six Bore Patterson Bore and Yard Patterson Bore Winturukuji Little Calvart River Wattys Bore Number Two Bore Gundy Spring Condolara Waterhole Condolana Waterhole North Newcastle Waters Mungabroom Waterhole Number Fifteen Bore Number Twelve Dam Number Sixteen Bore Number Nine Bore Loorie Waterhole Number Twelve Bore Number Ten Bore Number Eight Bore Calvert Lake Arabunka Waterhole Jager Waterhole Mondachi Spring Undernow Waterhole Number Twenty-Eight Bore Collabirrian Waterhole Puzzle Creek Waterhole Wild Horse Gorge Ucharonidge Waterhole Number Thirty-Three Bore Mongala Swamp Iltilleeri Waterhole Burendana Creek South Newcastle Waters Goonadbra Waterhole Number Thirty-three Dam Number Thirty-three Bore Goyanjala Creek Number One Bore Little Goonadbra Waterhole Joonundah Waterhole Joanundah Waterhole Murphy Creek Number Twenty-Three Bore Number Thirty Bore Blue Bush Swamp Number Seven-a Dam Number Thirteen Dam Number Twenty-Five Bore Number Eighteen Bore Number Seven Dam Graingers Hole Adder Bore Six Mile Dam Creswell Downs Number Three Bottom Bore Bowgen Waterhole Tyson Creek Cobbs Creek Anthonys Lagoon Number Three Bore Number Twenty-Seven Bore Lost Bore Boomel Waterhole Number Twenty-Nine Bore D Twenty-SIx Bore K Four Bore Buddycurrawa Creek Crocodile Gap Number Twenty Bore Coolibah Swamps Jinjera Bore X Thirteen Bore D Twenty-Seven Bore The Rift Waterhole Number Forty-Two Bore D Twenty-Two Bore Tarrabool Waterhole Number Nine Cant Bore Renner Spring Clearskin Creek Anjawille Waterhole Indamily Bore Helen Well Number Fourteen Bore S Fourteen Bore Corella Mc Kinley Creek Willy Waterhole X Ten Bore Mount Willeray Camilly Creek D Thirty-Four Bore Number Nineteen Bore Fish Waterhole Wingeni Well D Seven Bore Titree Springs Number Seventeen Bore Corella Number Two Bore Number Forty-One Bore K Fifteen Bore Monkaderry Waterhole Number Thirty-Five Bore Number Thirty-Seven Bore Banra Creek Muckety Bore X Seven Bore Corella Lagoon Muckety Bathern Downs Coolalungarie Waterhole Number Forty-Six Bore D Nineteen Bore Dynamite Waterhole X Six Bore Armchair Bore Murdamundurra Waterhole Number Thirty-Four Bore Number Twenty-One Bore Beltrush Swamp Kuerschne Creek Boola Creek Bull Camp Creek Allingham Number Third Bore Twelve Mile Waterhole Coolalunjarie Creek D Thirty-Six Bore D Forty-Seven Bore Oggajumna Waterhole Number Forty-five Bore X Three Bore Crows Nest Bore Burtons Creek Number Twenty-four Turkey Nest X Seventeen Bore Whittington Range Brunchilly Waterhole D Forty-Two Bore D Thirty-Nine Bore Rees Well Lake Sylvester Swamp Clayhole Bore Number Twenty-Six Bore Number Forty-Three Bore D Fifteen Bore Curring Girring Urra Well D Fourteen Bore D Thirteen Bore D Ten Bore K Nine Bore Barklay Table Land Attack Waterhole Tergirgi Waterhole Lake DeBurgh Lake DeBurgh Swamp Wundirgi Waterhole Wundirgi Native Waters Six Mile Waterhole Number Thirty-Two Bore Hinkler Bore Number Nine Hayward Bore Number Twenty-Four Dookamunda Bore Tadjinarra Rockhole Number Forty-Seven Bore Eighteen Mile Waterhole Rocky Two Bore Larry Creek Waterhole Sixteen Paddock Dam Grassy Waterhole Lower Amazon Lagoon Coolibah Swamp Green Swamp Well Four Keyirgi Waterhole Chigirringurra Well Alroy Kerramum Lagoon Forty-One Mile Bore Number Nineteen Dam Number Three A Bore Plain Waterhole W Three Dam W One Dam Petamululki Well Petamululki Native Well W Two Dam Left Branch of Rankine Right Branch of Rankine Number Twenty Dam Frewena Warrego Morboulia Waterhole Morbulia Waterhole Delmore Number Nine Bore The Pebbles Calcartie Waterhole Mikado Waterhole Petulkie Waterhole Number Twenty-one Dam Clean Waterhole Bedford Waterhole Twelve Mile Well Loves Hole Middle Branch Georgina River Mackay Creek Boowamboo Waterhole Gosse Bore Dolgoolgarri Swamp Lennies Waterhole Hit or Miss Well Elbow Waterhole Junction Waterhole Purrukuwuru Wonardo Wonardo Out Station


Name: Newcastle Waters
Publisher: Geoscience Australia (Australian Government)
Scale: 1:1000000
Latitude Range: 16° 0.0′ S – 20° 0.0′ S
Longitude Range: 132° 0.0′ E – 138° 0.0′ E
Projection / Datum: Lambert Conformal Conic, GDA94
Approx Print Size: 0.44m X 0.67m
Publication Date: 2013


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