Otways 4WD Map 4 Spatial Vision




Discontinued Product


This “Four Wheel Drive Map” Otways 4WD Map 4 Spatial Vision is at a scale of 1-100,000 covering the Otways from Angelsea to past Wattle Hill in the west. It also covers the Otways to Colac in the North.

Major Features include:

Angelsea, Airey’s Inlet, Lorne, Apollo Bay, Cape Otway, Johanna, Lavers Hill, Beech Forest, Chapple Vale and Carlisle River.

It also has street level maps of Apollo Bay, Lorne, Angelsea, Wye River, Beech Forest, Kennett River, Skenes Creek and Forrest.

The series has GPS Listings for Recreation Sites, Track Classifications, Driving and Safety Tips.

First Edition October 2010

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