Slovakia Railway and Road Map ITMB




Slovakia Railway and Road Map ITMB with Bratislavia on the back 

As tourism to the eastern reaches of Europe becomes more popular, Slovakia is well-positioned to present an attractive opportunity for exploration. ITMB previously included this country with adjacent Hungary, but now we have expanded coverage and included a detailed map of Bratislava. 

Side 1 shows the elongated country from its Austrian and Czech borders to its increasingly important border with Ukraine. As usual, we have included a listing of Top Attractions, such as the little-known towns of Kosice, Banska Stiavnica, and Sturovo, as well as the harst underground caves of Demanova and the fairy tale castle of Bojnice.

Side 2 portrays the capital city of Bratislava in excellent detail, showing the Danube River and the old town in great detail, along with the newer outlying areas of Petrzalka and Ruzinov. The map is printed on waterproof stone paper for durability.

ISBN 9781771291019 

ISBN 817712910196 


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