Strzelecki 1-250,000 Topographic Map Set 5 Maps




This map set of 1-250,000 scale topographic maps covers the Strzelecki Track from Copley and Lyndhurst to Innamincka. There are 5 maps in the set.

Copley Covers Copley, Leigh Creek and the beginning of the Track at Lyndhurst to past Wilkowie Hut and  Calcutta Bore turn off

Marree Calcutta Bore turn off and wade Dam to Blanchwater Hill and Dean Lookout Bore

Callabonna Dean Lookout Bore through the Strzelecki Regional Reserve to Yaningurie Waterhole

Strzelecki Yaningurie Waterhole to the Moomba turnoof on to Dullingarie Road Bore 2 turn off past the Mudera Cootera Bore

Innamincka  The Mudera Cootera Bore to Innamincka


All these maps are also available individually, just go to the search at the top or the page. 

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