Chicago and Lake Michigan Map ITMB




Chicago and Lake Michigan Map ITMB

Chicago is the third most populous city in the USA and has historically been a transportation hub. Americans have never developed trans-continental rail lines or highways and now are using O’Hare airport as one of the nation’s regional hubs. Historic Route 66 begins its westward trek here and all passengers from eastern cities change trains here. I-90 does pass through Chicago on its westward route, but only because Lake Michigan forces it southward. As a city, Chicago offers fabulous lakeside parks, the ‘Golden Mile’ of shops, the Loop, the world-class Field Museum, a number of Frank Lloyd Wright designed houses, and the Lincoln Park Zoo. Apart from updating information, this map adds two aspects of value to the previous edition.

First, the reverse side now includes a regional map that encompasses Indianapolis, Detroit, Marquette and Sault Ste. Marie at the northern end of the massive lake. Centred on Chicago but including Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and a bit of Ohio. Second, the map is printed on ITM waterproof plastic paper for durability.

As Chicago is a major arrival point for visitors to the USA, the map is perfect for those who wish to explore the region as well as the city while using only one map.

ISBN  9781553410201


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