USA Great Lakes Map 3 Hallwag


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This is one of the famous Hallwag ‘USA Road Guides’ covering The Great Lakes Map 3. These region by region maps at a scale of 1:1.2 million provide up-to-date, detailed road maps with lots of tourist information. Included in the layout are transit and city maps as well as detailed maps of National Parks. The map package also includes a mileage chart with travelling times between major cities, a brochure with an index of place names, travel information from A to Z, top attractions and travel tips. These maps are a must for anyone travelling in the United States.

City Maps. Chicago, Detroit, Niagara Falls, Isle Royale (Road Guide)

  • Published: 11 January 2012
  • ISBN 13: 9783828307544
  • ISBN 10: 382830754X
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