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All the techniques you need to becomean expert navigator.

The Ultimate Navigation Manual is aunique guide to finding your way on land – from the basic principles right upto the advanced technology of GPS. Designed to allow even the absolute beginnerto find their way anywhere in the world, it also develops a unique confidencein navigation – with or without technical aids.

Environmentalclues – Using the natural environment to navigate

Maps – Anintroduction to the different types of maps

The Compassand North – How compasses work, how to use them and how to choose the right one

Map andCompass Navigation – twenty-five easy-to-learn skills are described

RelocationProcedures – What to do when lost, dealing with well-known relocationprocedures and some ground-breaking new ones

StellarNavigation – Simple methods that are easy to learn

GNSS (GPS)Navigation – Why Global Satellite Navigation Systems are the most significantadvance in navigation since the invention of the magnetic compass; details allof the systems now available, including the American GPS

Specialist environments and equipment– Which techniques are best, where and how to use them in environments such asthe Arctic, coastal areas, desert regions, jungles or forests, mountains and urban areas

Written by one of the world’s leading search and rescue consultants designed to emphasise navigation problems – this is the ultimate guide to not losing your way.

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ISBN: 9780007424603

ISBN 10: 0007424612

<Imprint: Collins

Pages: 368

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