Frankfurt and Central Germany Map ITMB




Frankfurt and Central Germany Map ITMB 

The historic city of Frankfurt started as a Roman city. The Romer (Roman, in English) central old town was the Roman encampment, and the current market square was the forum. We have been to Frankfurt many times, thanks to the annual book fair that is held there, and have long wanted to add the city to our range of European titles. Covid provided time to develop the artwork, and the map is now here. The reverse side is extremely important, covering central Germany in detail.

This is also one of the most-travelled parts of Europe, so we have created a new map showing all the touristic destinations from the Rhine to Leipzig and from Gottingen south to Wurzburg. The map is printed on stone paper for both durability and resistance to water; a perfect umbrella in an emergency!

ISBN 9781771292894 

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