Kingoonya 1-250,000 Topographic Map




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Birthday Tank Rocky Hill Hicks Well Central Swamp Red Hill Dam McDonald Well No 8 Bore Boundary Hill Frog Hollow Dam Adam Well Lakeside Trig Kowal Trig No 3 Bore North Hicks Tank Paynters Well Ne No 2 Bore Rankins Bore Thirteen Mile Dam Tolls Dam Sandy Point Trig South Biter Well Dam Range Well No 7 North of Coondambo Hill Froghollow Swamp Whymlet Well Septabyng Dam Bottom Well Dicks Well Emu Well Bowman Dam No 2 Marie Bore Wingilpin Swamp Boolka Dam Cavanagh Tank No 10 Bore Moondiepitchnie Hill Valiant Trig Government Well Gundaloo Trig Claypan Trig Woolnomulla Well No 2 Tank Cattle Well Alf Traeger Roadstrip Peephabie Swamp Red Hill South Vivian Hogarth Well Oliffes Dam Little Hogarth Well Majendie Mound Fisher Trig Hut Trig Lena Bore No 4 Bore Swamp Wells Bores Red Lake Bore Yard Jim Hill Churchill Smith Bore Bald Hill Tank Bitter Well Marshall Swamp Six Mile Well Knoll Homestead Sabine Well Parakylia North Hill Central Dam Mount Vivian Range Gosses Millers Creek Orwell Well Russell Bore Munrose Dam Baker Well Pyramid Bores Margaret Dam Mount Sabine Well Bitter Well Dam Vivian Well Outstation No 9 Yard Stafford Swamp Lake Harris Dam Two Hundred and Eighteen Mile Bore Parakylia Centre Hill The Deputy Trig Crombie Bore Vokes Bore North of Coondamboo Hill Curdlawidney Lagoon Kingoonya Primary School Ferguson Railway Siding Red Lake Waggon Waterhole Mintabyng Well Livelys Well Saltash Trig Duncans No 17 Bore Granite Well Kowal Well Jack Hill Anderson Dam Schultz Tank East Well Laurie Hill Parakylia Hill Bakers Bore Hayward Bore Mount Eba North Knoll North Well No 13 Millers Creek Bore Peephabie Cliff Peeweena Dam Tomato Camp Rockhole Old Puckridges Bore Bucklands Trig Old Orwell Well Inchman Trig Orwell Trig North Studley Bore Mulga Well No 2 Margaret Bore Moodlampnie Hill South Gosse Bore Moodlampnie Waterhole Grace Bore Wingilpin Bluff Range Ted Tank Wilsons Well No 13 Bore Birthday Bore E A G Junior Dam No 4 Coolarrikinna Cone Harcus Hill Lake Renyolds McInerney Bore Yarra Alda Trig Gourleybyng Bore Rowe Well Livelys Tank Millers Creek Woolshed Lookout Dam E A G Senior Dam No 1 McAskill Bore Baker Tank Fishers Bore Four Mile Well Miller Creek Beddome Hill No 10 Creek Mulga Creek No 14 Bore Hudson Trig Gibber Plain Billah Tank Cheadle Bore Moondiepitchnie Bore Kingoonya No 19 Bore Old Parakylia Outyein Hill Jack Hill Yard Bore No 15 North West Arm Trig Bon Bon Trig Matheson Bore Twenty Three Mile Bore Quartzite Bore Cavanagh Dam Woolnomulla Waterhole Bamboo Yards Central Bore Devils Playground No 7 Camp Lloyd Bore Old Bluff Bore Mungillio Bore Jacobs Bore No 9 Bore South Well Top Tank Prices Bore Bulgunnia Crutching Shed Thirty Mile Bore Marshall Horse Well Mount Ernest Dam No 7 Glendambo Billah Bore Kalabyng Dam Roxby Hill E A G Senior Dam No 4 Bluff Trig Big Tank Outstation Whymlet Sisters Well Kalabyng Trig Deep Well Wilsons Bore Pan Tank Montys Well No 17 Dam Studley Well Quarry Bore Mintabyng Trig Freshwater Well Lochs Well Central Trig Beamish Hill Deputy Dam Rickaby Dam Bamboo Swamp Kingoonya Hill MacDowell Hill Mintabyng Hut Rowe Tank Cutyein Hill Blanche Dam Dam No 10 Cavanagh Well Owrie Mound Mungillio Well No 20 Bore Pinchega Well Arnold Gosse Bore Warnamingyanna Waterhole Sloane Bore Crows Nest Bore No 11 Bore Middle Tank Arcoona Cave Dam Mount Vivian Hambidge Dam No 5 Munro Dam Karana Bore Red Lake Bore Stockyard Waterhole Black Tank Cowan Dam Valley Well Lake Patricia Martin Dam Lange Ridge Lake Hanson Dam Rolls Trig Corner Bore No 8 Pipeline Tank Boolka Well Beddome Dams Blackoak Bore Miller Creek Well Hanson Hill Wingilpin Bluff Saltash Bore Tinsels Claypan Khan Bore Paynters Well Hawks Nest Trig Woolnomulla Bluff The Sisters Dam Midway Swamp The Valley Well Leaks Bore North Point Trig One Mile Well Arcoona Hill Haggard Hill Playford Dam No14 Wonnomulla Waterhole East Well Outstation Tableland Dam Bon Bon No 5 Bore Moondiepitchnie Water Moltaweera Lagoon Laurie Hill Bore Studley Dam Darling Bore Kalabyng Bore Lake Parakylia Kalabyng Well Curdlawidny Lagoon Paisley Well South Boolka Bore Devils Point Woods Dam Dam No 9 Scotts Well McKinnon Dam Paisley Creek Gambier Hill Chermside Hill No 12 Bore Lake Wingilpin Lignum Swamp Squatters Tank Ten Mile Yard Karrana Bore Bulgunnia Bore Gosse Range Well No 10 Yard Wagon Wheel Trig Home Paddock Dam Flat Top Hill Kultanaby Dam Mount Paisley Kingoonya Wells Corkscrew Well Burdens Tank North West Arm Lake Younghusband Lake Harris Bore Coorey Byng Well Conical Hill Frog Hollow Swamp North Kowal Bore Webbs Dam O’Reilly Dam The Lookout North Bore Dam Pyramid Hut Walton Well Red Hill Well Sundown Bore Renton Hill Pennyfather Trig Butchers Well Kangaroo Bore No 16 Bore No 17 Bore Mount Ernest Well Wallabyng Range Reedy Lagoon Camels Hump Marshall Hill Prestons Well No 7 Bore The Lookout Range Catch Hole Dam Gilbert Bore Kingoonya Rural School Vokes Trig Mindook Well Hunger Well Beamish Dam Doug Dam Open Hill Lullars Yard New Puckridges Bore Doyles Dam Lena Trig Old Pinchega Well Rawlinson Hill Preston Trig Brians Watercourse Billah Hill Hickson Hill No 6 Bore Mount Sabine White Well Buckland Bore New Puckridges Tank Mulga Well Outstation Reedy Lagoon Hill North Mungillio Bore No 11 Tank New Bluff Bore Tinsels Bore No 8 Pennyfather Bore Boggy Lake Northcliffe Dam Anzac Bore Hobbs Dams Myall Hut Gosse Range Trig Thirty Mile Tank Gosse Minor Trig Bluff Dam Boulder Dam Crossing Bore No 10 Figtree Well No 22 Bore Race Dam North Bore Bulyacobbie Bore Locks Well Police Camp Well The Knoll No 18 Tank Harry Trig Septabyng Bore Duncans Bore Emu Flat Old Bulgunnia Well Clemens Bore Wendts Dam Gosse Range Majendie Dam Cooks Well Buckland Dam Darlings Bore Bald Hill Bore Deep Bore North Coondambo Hill Lake Labyrinth Lake Ross Marshall Well Police Tank Snow Hill Wingilpin Bore South Vivian Dams Twenty Three Mile Trig Moodlampnie Bore Twenty Three Mile Hut Arkoona Native Well Arcoona Native Well Stuart Highway South Australia State of South Australia Bowman Dam Number Two Balah Bore Number Seventeen Dam Bucklands Bore Hambidge Dam Number Five Martins Bore Gundaloo Bore The Deputy Coolarriknna Cone Boulka Well Playford Dam Number Fourteen E A G Junior Dam Number Four Cavanaghs Well E A G Senior Dam Number One E A G Senior Dam Number Four Cheadles Bore Dunkins Bore Boulka Bore Bluffs Dam OReilly Dam Goulabyng Well Red Hills Well Number Five Bore Goulabyng Bore Bluffs Bore Number Seven Camp Dam Number Ten Dam Number Seven Dam Number Nine South Vivian Bore Tinsels Bore Orwell Sisters Dam Sisters Bore Hudsons Well North Locks Bore Portulacca Ridge Waltons Well Bakers Well Liveleys Well Arcoona Caves North Koual Bore Karanna Bore Marshalls Swamp Koual Well Wallabyng Well Leaks Well McInernies Well Knoll Well Mungillo Well Kingoonya Well Little Paynters Well Northcliff Dam McDonalds Well Kultanaby Glendambo Tank

Name: Kingoonya
Publisher: Geoscience Australia (Australian Government)
Scale: 1:250000
Latitude Range: 30° 0.0′ S – 31° 0.0′ S
Longitude Range: 135° 0.0′ E – 136° 30.0′ E
Projection / Datum: Universal Transverse Mercator, GDA94
Approx Print Size: 0.44m X 0.67m
Publication Date: 1-Jun-03

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