Los Angeles and Southern California Map ITMB





This is the second edition of LA (or la-la land to disparaging Easterners) and although it is only our first edition of Southern California, we’re simplifying matters by just referring to both sides as 2nd Ed. (libraries take note). This is a double-sided map with Los Angeles portrayed on one side and Southern California on the other. The LA side, as previously, shows most of the actual city, with an inset for Santa Monica, an inset of the Greater Los Angeles urban area freeway network, and an inset of the growing rapid transit Metro network. We actually found a lot to change on this side of the map, but all the changes are merely corrections and housekeeping, apart from the re-drawn transit map. The second side of the page is really innovative. All of California from north of Sacramento and east to Reno has been included, including the access roads to Las Vegas. We have also added basic road information about the border area with Tijuana and Mexicali. The eastern edge of the state is right on the edge of our map. Route 66 is also shown on the map, as is every freeway and touristic attraction hat felt fitted this scale. Although it is more in Central California than the south, we have included a regional inset map of the San Francisco area, since SF is included in the map area. With this map, visitors can enjoy day trips as well as overnight jaunts from LA to reasonably nearby areas. 

  • ISBN 9781553412984
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