Torres Strait 1-1,000,000 Topographic Map Geoscience Australia




Torres Strait 1-1,000,000 Topographic Map Geoscience Australia

1: 1 Million General Reference Topographic Map Print on Demand

This map is part of a series which comprises 50 maps which covers the whole of Australia at a scale of 1:1 000 000 (1cm on a map represents 10km on the ground). Each standard map covers an area of 6 degrees longitude by 4 degrees latitude or about 590 kilometres east to west and about 440 kilometres from north to south. These maps depict natural and constructed features including transport infrastructure (roads, railway airports), hydrography, contours, hypsometric and bathymetric layers, localities and some administrative boundaries, making this a useful general reference map.

Locations within this Map

Bamaga New Mapoon Saint Pauls Thursday Island Umagico Warraber Injinoo Badu Mabuiag Wasaga Boigu Mount Abai Rose Hill Ackers Shoal Ada Point Adolphus Adolphus Channel Adrian Reef Akone Islet Albany Island Albany Passage Albany Rock Alert Rocks Alert Patches Allison Islet Aloa Alpha Rock Amory Aplin Islet Aplin Pass Aragoro Reef Archer Rock Arden Island Arethusa Point Ariel Bank Arnold Islets Arnott Ashmore Banks Asp Reef Asp Rock Asp Shoals Aubussi Island Aubussi Reef Mount Augustus Aukane Islet Aureed Island Austin Badu Island Bampfield Head Banda Rock Banks Channel Banks Peak Barn Island Barney Island Basilisk Bank Basilisk Passage Battery Point Bay Point Beagle Rock Belle Vue Islands Beresford Shoals Bertie Creek Bet Islet Bet Reef Biffin Creek Big Buttertin Beach Big Creek Big Mary Reef Big Swamp Bird Isles Black Reef Black Rock Black Rocks Blackwood Bay Blackwood Channel Bligh Channel Bligh Entrance Boat Channel Boigu Island Bond Island Bond Reef Booby Island Bootie Island Boreel Bosanquet Hill Bourke Island Bourke Isles Bourne Rock Bowden Rock Bowyer Boydong Cays Boydong Island Bradford Creek Brady Banks Bramble Cay Bramble Channel Bramble Patches Mount Bremer Bremner Shoal Brewis Island Brewster Reef Bridge Creek Brierly Reef Brisbane Rock Lake Bronto Brown Reef Browne Island Buchan Rock Bungaree Shoals Burdett Burrard Burster Creek Bush Islet Bushy Island Cairncross Islets Caldbeck Reef Cambridge Point Camisade Creek Campbell Island Campbell Reef Canal Creek Canal Mauvais Cannibal Creek Canoe Cay Canoe Island Cap Islet Captain Billy Creek Carbutt Cardale Patch Carden Cargar Aita Carmichael Cay Carnac Carnegie Range Carpentaria Shoal castle Island Castle Reef Cayley Chandogoo Point Channel Island Channel Rock Chapman Reef Cheropo Island Chimmo Shoal Chinera Creek Cholmondeley Creek Cholmondeley Islet Churum Clarke Island Clerke Island Cliffy Point Cockatoo Creek Cockburn Islands Cockburn Patch Cockburn Reef Coconut Island Coconut Point Cody Creek Cody Hill Coghill Collet Collette Reef Congora Beach Lake Congora Conical Hill Cook Reef Cook Shoal Coral Patch Cape Cornwall Mount Cornwallis Corry Cotterell Cotterell River Cowal Cowal Creek Crab Island Cridland Hill Croft Crystal Creek Cullen Point Cumberland Passage Cypress Creek Dagagota Reef Dalrymple Islet Darnley Island Dauan Island Day Reef Dayman Channel Dayman Island Deep Passage Deliverance Island Denham Passage Dering Devonshire Rock Dogai Double Point Doughboy River Douglas Islet Dove Islet Duckett Duff Rock Dugong Islet Dulhunty River Dumaralug Island Dunblane Duncan Duncan Islands Dungeness Reef Durand Dutfield Rock Eagle Rock East Islets East Point East Strait Island Eborac Island Edwards Rock Eglinton Eliot Creek Ellis Channel Endeavour Strait Entrance Island Erlangen Patch Escape River Ethel Islet Evans Bay Evans Point Fairway Reef False Orford Ness Fantome Reef Farewell Islets Filmer Fishbone Creek Five Reefs Flat Islet Flinders Passage Florence Island Fly Point Flying Fox Island Forwood Reef Four Fathom Patches Freshwater Bay Friday Island Friday Passage Furze Point Gabba Island Galloways Hill Gerard Bank Getullai Island Ghibber Rock Giaka Gibbes Head Gibson Rock Gilmore Bank Glamis Castle Shoal Goods Island Gore Island Great North East Channel Great Woody Island Green Hill Green Islet Greenant Hill Grenville Cape Grenville Gunshot Creek Guthray Reef Half Way Island Halfway Islet Hamelin Boulders Hammond Island Hammond Rock Hannah Bank Hannibal Islands Harmer Creek Harrington Reef Harrington Shoal Harrison Rock Harvey Island Harvey Rocks Hastings Reef Hawkesbury Island Hawkesbury Reefs Heath Point Helby Hill Henderson Creek Herald Patches Heroine Rock Herring Creek Hibernia Passage Hicks Island High Island Highgate Hill Hochepied Head Home Islands Hood Bank Horn Island Horned Hill Horned Point Hornet Creek Hovell Rock Hovell Shoal Hunter Hill Hunter Point Hunter Reefs Ibis Reefs Ibu Reef Ichera Head Ida Island Ince Point Indian Bay Inman Rock Inskip Banks Ipili Reef Jackey Jackey Airfield Jackey Jackey Creek Jackson River Jacobus West Shoal Jardine Jardine Islet Jardine River Jardine River National Park Jardine Rock Jervis Reef Job Reef Johnson Islet Jukes Reef Kabbikane Islet Kapuda Islet Karniga Island Kaumag Island Kaworra Matu Mabu Reef Keatinge Islet Keats Island Kennedy Inlet Kerr Islet Kerr Reef Kilbie Beach King Point Kirkcaldie Reef Kokope Reef Kubin Kumaderi Reef Kumusi Reef Kunai Islet Lacey Island Laradeenya Creek Larpent Bank Laxton Reef Layoak Islet Left Hill Port Lihou Linda Reef Little Adolphus Island Little Beach Little Boydong Islet Little Mary Reef Little Roko Island Little Woody Island Lockerbie Logan Jack Creek Logan Rocks Loggan Creek Long Beach Long Island Reefs Long Reef Lowry Islet Mabuiag Island Macarthur Islands Macdonald River Macmillan River Madge Reef Magra Islet Mai Islet Manley Island Margaret Bay Marie Rock Marina Rock Markilug Islet Marou Creek Marsden Islet McDonnell Creek McHenry River McSweeney Reef Mecca Reef Meddler Island Melanie Shoal Menmuir Point Merkara Shoal Messum Hill Messum Rock Mew River Mid Reefs Mid Rock Middle Peak Middle Bank Middle Banks Middle Brother Middle Reef Midway Rocks Milman Milman Hill Milman Islet Mimi Islet Minnie Rock Mission Hill Missionary Passage Mistake Creek Moa Island Moimi Island Mona Rock Monsoon Reef Moon Passage Moresby Rock Morilug Islet Mosby Creek Mouinndo Islet Mount Adolphus Island Mount Ernest Island Mourilyan Reef Mousy Creek Muddy Bay Mulgrave Hill Muralug Murangi Islet Mutacomai Reef Mutee Head Namaleta Creek Nanthau Beach Napoleon Passage Narau Beach Nardana Patches Nepean Island Nereid Rocks Newcastle Bay Newman Reef Nicholls Cay Nicklin Islet Nigger Head Ninepin Rock Nob Island Nona Creek Normanby Sound North Bank North Brother North Channel North East Channel North Island North Ledge North Patch North Possession Island North Torres Reef North West Islet North West Point North West Reef Number Fifteen Camp Creek Number Two Point Obelisk Islet Olive Creek Onslow Reef Orford Bay Orford Ness Orman Orman Reef Orton Island Outer Reef Packe Island Packsaddlle Creek Paluma Passage Paluma Shoal Pandora Entrance Panther Shoal Papou Point Parakari Reef Parsons Reef Passage Island Passage Reef Paterson Creek Mount Paterson Peak Hill Peak Point Pearce Cay Pearl Rock Pearn Reef Peebles Shoals Peenacar Rock Peile Reef Pelican Rock Perry Island Philip Harbour Phipi Reef Phipps Island Piara Pickersgill Islet Pig Island Pilot Knoll Pinnace Reef Pioneer Bay Pirie Islet Pitt Rock Poid Poll Islet Pollard Channel Polo Creek Port Kennedy Port Lihou Island Portlock Island Possession Island Pott Point Prince of Wales Island Prince of Wales Channel Proudfoot Shoal Providence Shoal Puddingpan Hill Pullar Patches Pullar Rock Punsand Bay Pym Point Quetta Rock Queue Reef Quoin Island Quoin Point Race Rock Rattlesnake Point Red Banks Red Cliffs Red Island Red Island Point Red Point Red Sands Cay Red Wallis Island Reeves Shoal Reid Point Reid Rock Reid Sandbank Rennel Island Rescue Rock Rhine Rock Richardson Reef Roberts Islet Rodney Island Roko Island Mount Roma Rothsay Banks Round Island Round Point Round Rock Point Rugged Point Sadd Point Saddle Hill Saddle Island Saibai Saibai Island Sailor Creek St Pauls Salamander Reef Saldogoo Beach Lake Saldogoo Salter Island Sam Creek Sana Rock Sanamere Sanamere Creek Sanamere Lagoon Lake Sapaginya Sassie Island Saunders Islet Scott Island Scrubby Creek Seisia Sendre Rock Seo Reef Sereu Rock Seven Reefs Sextant Rock Seymour Shadwell Shadwell Peak Shadwell Point Shallow Bay Sharp Point Shelburne Shelburne Bay Sherard Osborn Point Shortland Reef Simpson Bay Simpson Channel Sinclair Islet Sinclair Rock Sir Charles Hardy Islands Skardon Skardon River Sketty Belle Shoal Slade Slade Point Slade Rock Smith Cay Smith Point Smyth Creek Somerset South Bank South Brother South Island South Ledge South Point South Reef South Rock South Torres Reef Spear Creek Spencer Island Spencer Rock Spring Creek Star Reef Stead Passage Stephens Island Stewart Reef Stonehenge Strait Rock Suarji Island Sue Islet Sue Island Sunday Islet Sunk Reefs Sunshine Point Susie Point Swan Shoal Talbot Islands Tamwoy Tancred Passage Tern Cliffs Tern Island Terry Beach Tessy Head Tetley Island The Jardine Swamps The Three Sisters Thomson Islet Thorpe Point Three Reefs Thrush Reef Tobin Cay Tobin Island Torres Torres Strait Travers Island Tree Island Triangle Reef Trochus Island Tucker Point Tudu Island Tuesday Islets Tuft Rock Tuluaa Islet Turnagain Island Turning Point Patches Turret Hill Turtle Head Turtle Head Island Turtle Island Turu Cay Twin Island Twin Reefs Two Stoned Hills Tynemouth Rock Ulfa Rock Ulrica Point Umaga Underdown Islet Point Upai Ussher Point Vallack Point Van Spoult Head Var Shoal Varzin Shoal Veteran Shoal Vicary Bay Vigilant Channel Viking Reef Vivien Point Vrilya Vrilya Point Wai-Weer Islet Walker Shoal Wallace Islet Wallis Banks Wapa Reef Warra-Wong Creek Warrior Reefs Wasp Creek Wassel Island Watawari Reef Waterhole Bay Watson Cay Webb Point Wednesday Island Wednesday Spit West Island West Rocks West Shoal West Wai Weer Reef Whale Island White Point White Rocks Lake Wicheura Wilds Shoal Wilson Creek Wilson Island Wizard Reef Woody Wallis Island Woomera Creek Wreck Reef Wuwurrka Islet Wyborn Reef Yam Island York Island Cape York Yorke Islands Yule Channel Yule Detached Reef Yule Entrance Yule Point Zagai Island Womer Cay Denham Group National Park Heathlands Resources Reserve Jardine River Resources Reserve Possession Island National Park Round Island Conservation Park Saunders Islands National Park Sir Charles Hardy Group National Park Maclennan Cay Parkinson Reef Monkman Reef Cochin Reef Shadwell Reef Siddons Reef Pearson Reef Bowles Reef Indefatigable Cay Jardine River Torres Shire Punsand Prince of Wales Horn Masig Island Kondall Island Double Hill Bruce Point Iadi Island Marte Island Widul Island Aipus Island Kongan Rock Pulu Islet Mipa Islet Kamutnab Islet Red Fruit Islet Pururai Islet Gainaulai Islet Meth Islet Kanig Island Quoin Rock Tik Island Yargas Island Pita Dabai Island Three Month Island Warakuikul Talab Island Kaub Islets Puigulag Islet Pelican Islet Subur Islet Pumpkin Island North Cook Scott Rock Forbes Head Dickey Point Pinnacle Peak North East Bluff Frederick Point Alfred Point Charlotte Point Ida Point Little Ida Island Osnaburg Point Somerset Point Somerset Bay Bishop Point Stover Bay Varzin Passage Jardine River Cook Shire Mapoon Cook Shire Tancred Pass Fly Entrance Nepkem Reef Long Island Sassie Gurigur Reef Farewell Island Sassie Reef Urui Reef Cocoanut Island Parremar Cocoanut Islands Moian Reef Teee Island Tree Islet Bond Islet Derder Reef North Possession Islet Obelisk Island Tobin Islet Zuizin Island Flat Island Mulgrave Island Portlock Islet Gray Rocks Cocoanut Point Hibernia Pass Kodnasem Reef Bet Island Burrar Wreck Shoal Vin Islet Dogai Mission Saint Pauls Mission Saint Pauls Mission Station Burke Island Suaraji Suaraji Island Kai-Wareg Reef Upai Point Woiz Reef Gettulai Island Getullai Pole Island Green Island Banks Island Eet Mua Wilson Islands Gibbes Point Gibbles Head Gibbs Head Nagheer Guijar Poll Island Kai-Maituine Reef Meggi-Wareg Reef Maped Reef Meggi-Maituine Reef Beagle Rocks Maped-Au-Kap Reef Muknab Rock Alert Rock Meiu Reef Ului Island Squat Rock Gubmarau Reef Susur Reef Beresford Shoal Double Island Nelgee Island Toms Son Bank Au-Masig Reef Torres Strait Islands Hood Reef Aade Dugang Island Dugong Island Reeves Shoals Maururra Wap Reef Hammond Islands Keriri Number Two Islet No 2 Islet Number Three Islet No 3 Islet Flinders Pass Number One Islet No 1 Islet Number Four Islet No 4 Islet Hester Hill Pig Hill Goode Island Palilug Diamond Point Bertie Bay Bayag Reef Wanetta Powell Point Hovell Bar West Wai-Weer Reef Kate Point Wai-ben Normandy Sound Kunai Island Wilkie Bank Thursday Island Harbour Normanby Sound Ledge Kiwain Point Gannet Passage Kagar Reef Madge Reefs Holmes Reef Narupai The Gut Bogan Banks Bold Hill Nicklin Island Keatinge Island Mount Adolphus Islands Mount Adolphus Mori Blackwood Bank Morilug Morilug Island Garagar Point Johnson Island Kai-Damun Reef Akone Island Akone Point Bush Island Mid Brother Meggi-Damun Reef Big Woody Island Kai-Yelubi Island York Road Bampfield Quion Island Meggi-Yelubi Island Peaked Hill Carubaura Despair Cape York Telegraph Station Fred Point Mai Island Djuna Paget Point Bedanug Tetley Islets Roonga Point Pabaju Seymour Point Kloster Point Albany Pass Port Albany Tarilug Orpheus Point Lyons Point Point Lihou Point Libou Roma Flats Wuwurrka Island Markilug Island Otuckano Creek Lockerie Peebles Shoal Paterson Hill Z Reef Y Reef Mouinndo Rock Parau Island Jamunnda Red Wallis Islet Cowal Creek Mission Station Van Speult Point Mutee Mission Mutee Mission Station Ichera Point Black Gin Creek X Reef Kennedy River Jacky Jacky Creek Kennedy Midola River OK Village Riflebird Creek Tern Islet Jardine Swamps Arnold Island Arnold Islet Tern Cliff Thompson Island Thomson Island McSweeny Reef Flat Hill Sinclair Island Red Cliff Packsaddle Creek Dering Creek Milman Island Aplin Island Mousey Creek Douglas Island Cairncross Cairncross Islands Bushy Islet Orfordness Onslow Patch McHenery River Denham Pass Shady Lagoon Schneider Lagoon Cholmondeley Island Halfway Island False Orfordness Jardine Island Pearn Rock Wallace Island McGillivray Reef Little Boydong Island MacDonald River Collet River W Reef Hannibal Island V Reef Captain Billy Landing Raine Island Entrance McDonuell Creek Saunders Island Tee Reef Heathlands Shardon River Bird Islands Inman Kirk Reef Richardson Range Pig Islet Bootie Islet Manley Islet Cockburn Islets Magra Island Rodney Islet Larangalia Creek Paluma Sunday Island Larangalia Wolona Oueue Reef Que Reef Yules Detached Reef Water Hole Bay Mapoon Mission Mapoon Mission Station Cape Greenville Ethel Island South Alice Creek River Macmillan Port Musgrave Cape York Peninsula Massaramcoer Aubusi Island Talbot Group Talbot Island North Reef Kanamag Kauamag Island Saibai Village Dauan Bauan Danan Island Tauan Island Stephens Islet Hogar Mallicamas Turn-again Campbell Islet Tappoear Moon Pass Nepean Islet Attagoy Treacherous Bay Errub Same Bay Kerr Dalrymple Island Damuth Reid Cay Homogar Bass Reef Eegarbu Marsden Island Tidal Bank York Islands Massig Masig Kodall Mauar Island Kai Passage Warrior Island Tutte Warrior Islet Sarek Reefs Kilikane Island Tura Cay Orman Reefs Kai Reef Hannah Reef Cap Cap Island Muquar Bourne Isles Basilisk Pass Yout Island Merrie England Sereu Reef Dungeness Island Jeaka Aukane Aukane Island Owkane Island Arden Islet Garboy Deelder Reef Sendre Gariar Reef Bourke Islet Bourne Turtle Backed Island Turtle Back Island Yama Naire Reef Mebgor Reef Red Fruit Islet Pururai Islet Waier Islet Aurid Mimi Island Jervis Island Mobyag Passage Islet Roberts Island Village Island Dove Island Uttu Zim Yobu Point Yabu Point Yeconditch Yapere Island Vaperi Island Yaperi Island Wurio Urio Wurado Point Wulmop Woroi Wonia Wonie Wituroruri River Witaroturi River Wipim School Wipim WPM Wim Wigi Wereave Wajamke Wayamke Wemenevre Wederehiamo Wederihamo Wearo Creek We’aro Creek Weam WEP Weam Patrol Post Witrah Witran Watari Wasua WSA Wassi Kussa River Chester River Wass Kussa River Wassi Kussi River Warubi Wariura Island War Island Imarimuba Island Wariama Waliama Warima Wariabodora Waribodoro Wariobodoro Wapaura Number 2 Wapa’ura Number 2 Wapaura Wapa’ura Wando Kau Wamimuba Point Waligi Warigi Walater Point Walarter Point Watarter Point Wakau Waidoro Jibara Jibaraigo Wagumi Wadodo Wadapebina Creek Wabuda Island U-Ria Ura Island Ural Island Upiara UPR Uparua Waparua Wuparua Umuda Island Umudu Ume Uapumba Island Tuva Ture Ture Turituri Torze Iauga Toro Pass Taura Pass Tonda Tornda Tokwa Toguagudemen Togoi Tirio Tidal Island Thompson Bay Thomson Bay Tewara Terere Tirere Tati Mirabi Tarte Tarti Tarudaru Point Parliament Point Tari River Tarl River Tapapi Tamaria Kussa Tamaria Kussa River Tais Tai Tabiu Kussa Suwami Sumogi Island Suki Lagoon Lake Mandian Lake Saru Suki SKC Sui Ubiri Sturt Island Strachan Island South Entrance South Entrance of Fly River Sogale Sobuwabuda Island Sobowada Island Sisiabu Island Abinia Island Hiason Island Sesiabu Island Sirisa Serisa Sipara Sigabaduru Sidabadu Sibidiri Sebidiro Sewerimabu Severimabu Sewirimabu Severisa Setavi Serki Sepi Segera River Asaramiruba River Segaraturi River Sebe Sebi Sanguanso Sanguane Sagoana Saguane Samari Turi Creek Samari Sagero Segara Segera Sagaura Island Sapukaua Island Sogeri Island Sogeura Island Sagasia Sagasio Segasia Rouku Reginimi Island Aeginimi Island Two Sisters Purutu Island Pirutu Pororom Pongaki Pongal Pongali Pongati Podari Pordari Pidu Kussa Pedea Peawa Mission Peawa Parama Island Bampton Island Parama Parami Pahoturi River Paho Islet Paho Island Pagona Paewa Oudorla Oropoi Orapoi Orope Island Oropai Oromosapua Oromosapuo Orumusapu Oromaturi Creek Oriomo River Tait River Oriomo Plateau Oriomo Creek Oriomo Onga River Old Setavi Old Dimiri North Entrance North Entrance of Fly River Nikira Island Neva Pass Naviu Island Nautilus Reef Narakiwai Nanu Nabio Island Mumuni Mugumugu Moroge Island Meamibu Island Onslow Island Morehead River Tatogabe Morehead District Morehead MHY Moe Moagida Gowa Minimini Islet Minimi Islet Minimini Island Mimi Lake Midima Island Mibu Plantation Mibu Island Mibu Mibini Mianji Metaba Mengete Mengedi Mawatta Kadawa Kadowa Mawata Mavidan Mata Masingara Mari Mare Maremosab Marebora Marakara Island Marukara Island Malam MQO Maipani Mai Kussa River Barter River Maguara Point Naguara Point Magabu Island Madrere Madiri Madame Madam Madaduo Mabaduan Hill Mabudauan Hill Mabaduan Little Domori Island Limal Kwari Kwaiwang Kutubura River Kurunti Kuru Kuragimini Island Kura Creek Kuperi Kunini Kunagimini Islands Kuragimini Islands Kuruagimini Island Kumop Kumiago Kumbiap Kudoro Kubu Kubira Kubera Kubiara Korombo Korumbo Koriomoro Point Korimoro Point Koriomo Point Korate Konifok Conifork Kondubol KPF Kondoba Kobarago Koabu Kaharaturi Keaburu Koharaturi Kiwai Island Kiriwo Kinkin Kimama Kibuli KII Kibui Kesuguruguru Island Keru Karp Kenoa Kenewa Kenadiba Kenediba Kebani Keba Kaviapu Kavalpu Kauwis Tugara Kauruti Katatai Karu Kussa Karau River Kapal Kapai Kaparle Karparle Kanel Kandarisa Kaled Island Kadir Jibu Jari River Jari Island Jarai Bay Gerai Bay Jerai Bay Jarai Jara Itubma Isara Inaparok Inaporok Isagu Isago Irupi Triupi Ipisia Iou I-u Iokwa Invitato Island Indorodoro Iandorodoa Indarisa Pinitua Inawai Imbi Lake Iguni Iasa Kiwai Iara Kussa River Iara Irau-Kussa River Yaru Kussa Yaru Kussu Iaptun Iangapo Iamiga Iamega Iamara Howling Point Heath Bay Health Bay Hamlet of Togo Gwikata Gwibaku Gwaku Gugibi Creek Gubam Goraita Garagita Gareita Koraita Gomonni River Gomonhi River Goe Gnao Glabi Giringarede Girigangrede Gimini Reef Cimini Reef gigwa Mission Gesoa Gesco Gesed Geseo Gebaro Island Geavi Geovi Gama River Gamaeve Gamaeke Gamaekei Galodamlu Galital Point Gaima Fly River Delta Fly River Birak River Fly-rivier Gower-rivier Ok Birak Pnyang River Sungai Fly Sungai Gower Wai Pnyang Etere Ellen Gowan Rock Duru Duro River Duro Island Durar Dumara Dubuwaro Island Allen Island Magobu Island Dubuaru Island Duaba Dragele Doropo Doropodai Dorogori Dorogari Dorogor Donegan Domori Island Dawaori Dogwa Dogope Island Dogona Dme Dimugu Dimsibi Dimisibi Dimisisi Dimsisi Dimiri Tugmi Dibiri River Bibiri River Dibiri Island Dibiri Derideri Demeri Dede Oede Dawari Island Daware Island Daware Mamoke Island Dawari Daware Daura Island Daru Roads Daru Island DAU Ile de Daru Daru District Daru Dagwa Daru Government Station Daraia Garaia Garia-a Damul Plantation Dameratamu Dameramuda Damera Damara Domara DAlbertis Island D’Albertis Island DAlbertis Fairfax Group D’Albertis Fairfax Group D’Albertis Fairfex Group D’Albertus Fairfax Group DAlbertis Fairfex Group DAlbertus Fairfax Group Dadi Daburamuba Point Coirigegumuba Point Goirigegumuba Point Burei River Burei Creek Burei Junction Bunigi Buniki Bula Bulla Marin Murin Buk Bok Buji Bugi Buja Buiaimuba Point Bauiaimuba Point Budanga Buceros Island Bubuji Bristow Island Bobo Island Breakfast Point Boze Borsi Boromura Island Borbuga Bolburo Ballburo Boi Ibi Kussa River Boibi Kussa River Boieta Boete Boiti Blue Water Spring Bizigi Bituri River Betura River Binaturi River Bibituri Creek Katau River Bina River Bimedebun Bimadibun Biambod Beri Ber Bere Bensbach River Bensback River Bensbak River Torassi River Bennet Island Belevi Begora Creek Bebea River Baro River Baranapi Bandaber Bamu River Awarra River Aworra River Gwavi River Upper Bamu River Bampton Point Brampton Point Balimo OPU Balamula Baramura Mataro Baiabe Island Marutiscrua Island Azidoro Auti Aurump Augaramuba Point Rugaramuba Point Asaramio Asaram Asarami Arufi Mission Arufe Aramia Island Amagoa Alligator Island Aketa Aita Aibinio Island Albinio Island Aibinio Agobara Agabara Afanal Aewa Aewe Auwe Aeginimi Islands Adulu Aduru Adiba Abo Island Aboi Island Aberese Creek Aberamuba Point Aberagerema Abaura Island Abaurai Island Midge Island Abam Wataweri Reef Ula Reef Ola Reef Mata Kawa Island Kussa Island Kusaro Island Kumadari Reef Kolcope Reef Kaworra Matu Matu Reef Kawa Island Kawai Island Karobailo Kawa Island Korobailo Kawa Island Dagogota Reef Aracord Reef Adabadana Kawa Island Ababadana-Kawa Island Shoalwater Point Auwamaza Reef Merrie England Shoals Terere Passage Mapiana Sibara Wario Tirio Passage Glamis Castle Daru Airport AYDU Aeroport de Daru Balimo Airport AYBM Awaba Airport AWB AYAW Suki Airport AYSU Wipim Airport AYXP Bensbach Airport AYBH BSP KWX Nowata NWT Mavlok Thamgargar Tjephethak Aldai Reef Dogail Sandbanks Balbutu Sandbanks Numar Reef Beka Reef Anui Reef Two Brothers Passage Malay Passage Billy Passage Jim Passage Arnolds Passage Dabangai Deeps Alligator Passage Domori Dewala Padaya Creek Kenalia Lewada Ike Kini Kenema Teapopo Uuwo U’uwo Goodfred Island Bina One Bina Two Torobina Ardadal Sistama One South Fly South Fly District Awaba Kapal Airport Aeroport de Kapal KPL Daru Town


Name: Torres Strait
Publisher: Geoscience Australia (Australian Government)
Scale: 1:1,000,000
Latitude Range: 8° 0.0′ S – 12° 0.0′ S
Longitude Range: 138° 0.0′ E – 144° 0.0′ E
Projection / Datum: Lambert Conformal Conic, GDA94
Approx Print Size: 0.44m X 0.67m
Publication Date: 2013


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