Davies Plain Series 6 Track 4 Design Interaction


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Davies Plain Series 6 Track 4 Design Interaction

The Davies Plain region is beautiful and challenging with extremes of weather and terrain requiring good 4wd skills. There are easy sections that allow you to roll along absorbing the wonderful surrounds, but short lived as steep climbs and descents have you reaching for low range and diff locks. There are several creek crossings, washouts, rocks and deadfall to impede your path, part and parcel of such a trek.

The historic huts at Davies Plain and Tom Groggin remind you of the tenacity and determination of our early pioneers in such remote wilderness. The elevation of the ranges lead you into the clouds where both rain and wind can play havoc but the rewards with views across the sealing of the Alps are spectacular. This is a trek that demands your attention but gives you back what you put in.


Map Guides include:

  • Omeo to Benambra, 22.6km (Section A)
  • Banambra to Beloka Road, 15.7km (Section B)
  • Beloka Road to Nunniong Road, 17.3km (Section C)
  • Nunniong Road to Native Dog Flat Campsite, 14.1km (Section D)
  • Limestone Creek Track to The Poplars, 16.0km (Section E)
  • McCarthys Track to Mt Misery Trail turnoff, 8.9km (Section F)
  • Mt Misery Trail turnoff to Davies Plain Hut, 15.5km (Section G)
  • Davies Plain Hut to Tom Groggin Campsite, 18.9km (Section H)
  • Tom Groggin Track to Mt Hope Road, 11.4km (Section I)
  • Mt Hope Road to Mt Anderson Road, 9.7km (Section J)
  • Mt Anderson Road to Mt Gibbo Track, 7.3km (Section K)
  • Mt Gibbo Track to Buenba Log Road, 9.4km (Section L)
  • Buenba Log Road to Tom Groggin Track turnoff, 12.3km (Section M)
  • Tom Groggin Track turnoff to Blue Gum Track, 12.7km (Section N)
  • Blue Gum Track to Beloka-Limestone Road Junction, 15.6km (Section O)
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