Grampians Peaks Trail Map North




Grampians Peak Trail North Map


The Grampians Peak Trail is Victoria’s newest long-distance trail. Established by Parks Victoria, the trail starts in the north of the Grampians at Mt Zero and finishes 164kms later in Dunkeld. Designed as a 12-13 day trip, it can be done in sections. This map covers the northern section at 1:50,000 from Mt Zero to Halls Gap. Well presented it covers all you need to know while on the walk. Other sections available at the Central and South maps. All three are available in the Grampians Peak Trail Map Pack.

  • 1st Edition
  • Scale 1:50,000
  • Full topographic map
  • Shows Campsites, Access Points, facilities and more
  • Mount Zero to Halls Gap
  • Informative text about the walk
  • Descriptions of side trips
  • Elevation Map
  • ISBN 9780645265200
Main Features Include:-

Baigar, Gar (Roses Gap), Troopers Creek, Zumsteins Picnic Area, MacKenzie Falls, Burrong Falls, Reed Lookout, Dad’s Lookout, Lake Wartook Werdug, Mount Difficult, Stayplton Campground , Hollow Mountain, Golton Gorge Picnic Area, Coppermine Track Crossing, Beehive Falls, Lake Wartook Lookout, Halls Gap, Heaterlie Quarry, Long Point West and East Campgrounds, Ngarrain, Boroka Lookout Brambuk Cultural Centre, mbtg, The Balconies, Wonderland Car Park, Smiths Mill Campground Dadswell Bridge


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