Hartz 1-50,000 Topographic Map Tasmap


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Hartz 1-50,000 Tasmap Topographic Map 

This map covers the rural areas of Geeveston and Glen Huon and also depicts the access routes via the Picton and Huon Rivers to the wilderness areas of Tasmania’s South West. An ideal map for rafters and explorers of the wilderness.

1:50,000 Scale topographic map. 1cm = 2km. Roads, tracks, watercourses, land features, buildings etc. 

Coverage includes Hartz Peak, Picton River, Huon River (parts), Geeveston, Port Huon, Surges Bay, Tahune Forest, Lower Weld River, Mount Picton, South Picton Range. 

Product Number:  TR07 
ISBN:  9318923028065
Production Year:  2015 
Datum:  Geocentric Datum of Australia 1994 (GDA94) 
Scale:  1:50000 
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