Menzies 1-250,000 Topographic Map




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Menzies 10 Mile Dam 12 Mile Dam 12 Mile Well 14 Mile Well 16 Mile Well 17 Mile Well 18 Mile Well 19 Mile Rocks 21 Mile Well 22 Mile Rocks 25 Mile Rocks 27 Mile Well 3 Mile Dam 32 Mile Bore 32 Mile Well 38 Mile Well 4 Corner Tank 45 Mile Outcamp 45 Mile Well 47 Mile Bore 5 Mile Well 51 Mile Well 6 Mile Dam 8 Mile Bore 8 Mile Railway Dam 8 Mile Well Ajax West Mine Alexandria Bore Alpha Mine Ant Bore April Gift Mine Attona Mine Balarky Bore Balarky Dam Balarky Rock Balarky Well Balkis Mine Bankonly Dam Batavia Mine Battery Well Big Tank Birmingham Hill Birmingham Mine Black Tank Well Blow Bore Blue Well Bottle Creek Boudie Rat Gold Mine Breakaway Dam Breakaway Well Britannia Mine British Well Brittania Well Brooking Hills Broughtonville Bryland Bore Bullock Hole Butterfly Butterfly Well Cactus Mine Campbell Rockhole Campbell Well Carbine Bluff Carpet Snake Soak Carters Bore Cattle Tank Central Tank Champion Mine Charcoal Well Charlie Well Chingaling Rock Christmas Gift Mine Christmas Well Clarile Well Clarks Well Claypan Bore Cobbanco Well Cobbie Well Cock Robin Well Coffey Bore Comet Vale Comet Well Commonwealth Group Mine Conroy Bore Cooladdie Mine Cooladdie Rock Cooladdie Well Copperfield Copperfield Domestic Well Corbett Well Corida Mine Corktree Bore Corner Bore Coronation Well Cosmopolitan Mine Craigs Well Crow Rock Crusoe North Mine Dale Well Davies Corktree Bore Day Rock Dead Horse Rocks Deadman Soak Deep Bore Desdemona Desdemona Dam Desdemona Mine Dick Bore Dimple Bore Dingo Well Doney Lagoon Donkey Well Dorina Gnamma Hole Dreadnought Mine Dry Tank Dry Well Dynamite Bore Dynamite Well Eagle Well East Desdemona Dam Elsie May Mine Emerald Emerald Mine Emu Well First Hit Mine Flying Fish Mine Fortune Bore Four Corners Well Freshwater Well Fullers Bore Fullers Dam Fullers Well Gabbling Rock Galah Rockhole Galah Rocks Galbraith Bore Gayle Tank Gedagie Soak George Bore George Frederick Mine Ghan Well Ghost Rock Bore Ghost Rocks Ghost Rocks Well Ghost Well Gibby Well Gibraltar Rock Gladstone Mine Golden Age Mine Golden Lode Mine Goodenough Mine Goongarrie Government Well Graeme Tank Granite Dam Granite Well Halag Rock Halfway Bore Happy Go Lucky Mine Hawk Well Henderson Well Hendersons Well Herberts Tank Heron Well Hill Bore Hill Top Mine Hill View Dam Hit Or Miss Mine Homeward Bound Mine Hope Bore Hospital Rocks Hyatts Well Illaara Ruin Ivanhoe Bore Jackson Bore Janie Bore Jasper Well Jeedamya Jessop Creek Jessop Well Johnny Well Jorgenson Tank Jorgenson Well Jowetts Well Judds Bore Jungle Well Kennedy Bore King Bore Kings Dam Kirby Well Kookaburra Well Kookynie Kookynie Well Kurnalpi Dam Kurnalpi Rockholes Kurrajong Gorge Kurrajong Outcamp Kurrajong Well Lady Dowd Mine Lady Lillian Mine Lady Nell Mine Lady Shenton Mine Lake Ballard Lake Dam Lake Goongarrie Lake Marmion Lake Moriaty Lake Well Lancaster Mine Lane Well Larry Bore Last Chance Outcamp Last Chance Well Lemon Rock Leydons Dam Leydons Soak Leydons Well Lillydale Well Lily Mine Little Wonder Mine Lubra Bore Lubra Queen Mine Mabel Downs Mine Mabel Gertrude Mine Main Road Dam Maltese Well Maninga Soak Maranoa South Mine Margaret Well Marmion Marmion Village Community Mary Bore Mccarthy Well Mcdunnets Bore Mcmahons Windmill Mctavish Hill Melita Melville Well Menzies Consolidated Mine Menzies Mine Menzies Remote Community School Metzke Find Mick Gnamma Hole Mike Bore Milky Lagoon Mindanda Missed Bore Mitchell Rocks Moonstone Mine Morapoi Moriaty Well Morley Find Morleys Bore Mount Barton Mount Bevon Mount Hope Mount Ida Mount Jessop Mount Mason Mount Melita Mount Menzies Mount Morley Mount Niagara Mount Owen Mud Tank Well Mulga Well Mulliberry Well Mulline Mulline Dam Mulline Rock Mulwarrie Mulwarrie Dam Mulwarrie Mine Mulwarrie North Mine Myamin Dam Native Well New Australian Bore New Bore Niagara Niagara Creek Niagara Dam Niagara Falls No. 1 Bore No. 1 Mulwarrie Well No. 17 Well No. 2 Bore No. 3 Bore No. 4 Bore No. 5 Bore No. 6 Bore North Batavia Mine North Well Oberwyl Hill Off Chance Mine Old Bore Old Well Oliver Twist Well O’Loughlin Rock Olympic Bore Olympic Tank Orient Well Papertalk Brook Paradise Well Paramount Mine Parks Well Patsie Tank Pauls Bore Peppertree Outcamp Peppertree Well Perrinvale Outcamp Piccadilly Well Pig Bore Pig Well Playground Bore Point Agnes Pothole Dam Providence Bore Quartz Well Ram Well Ranford Bore Ranford Peak Red Bore Red Tank Redbank Mine Rifle Point Riverina Riverina Mine Riverina South Mine Robinson Crusoe Mine Rockhole Bore Round Hill Rundle Rock Saddle Tank Salt Dam Salt Well Saltbush Dam Saltbush Tank Samson Well Sand Queen Mine Sandy Well School Bore Scorpion Rock Sharman Well Silver Tank Silvers Dam Simpsons Bore Simpsons Well Skull Rock Snake Hill Snowy Bore South Tank Sovereign Mine Sowerline Bore Sowerline Well Sowine Soak Split Rock Split Rock Well Spotted Dog Hill Steve Bore Stevies Tank Stockyard Well Sunday Bore Swamp Dam Tampa Tampa Hill The Bluff Mine The Florence Mine The Fountain Spring Gnamma Hole Thompsons Folly Dam Thowell Well Tom Rock Tragedy Well Treasure Mine Triangle Bore Twin Hills Twin Hills Dam Twin Hills Tank Twin Hills Well Two Chinamen Mine Two Dees Mine Two D’S Well Ularring Ularring Rock Ularring Soak Uncle Tom Mine Unexpected South Mine Unfinished Well Victoria Mine Violet Hill Walling Rock Wandery Well Warrior Mine West Well Whale Mine White Quartz Dam White Well Whites Dam Wonder Well Woodline Bore Woolshed Dam Yendang Rock Yowie Rock Yundaga Dam Yunndaga Perrin Vale Melita Siding Butterfly Station Clear Hill Kurrajong Cobbanco Yendang Hill Niagara Station Jessop Well Station Myamin Station Ten Mile Dam Wilgareton Siding Six Mile Dam Rivenna Eight Mile Railway Dam Three Mile Dam

Name: Menzies
Publisher: Geoscience Australia (Australian Government)
Scale: 1:250000
Latitude Range: 29° 0.0′ S – 30° 0.0′ S
Longitude Range: 120° 0.0′ E – 121° 30.0′ E
Projection / Datum: Universal Transverse Mercator, GDA94
Approx Print Size: 0.44m X 0.67m
Publication Date: 1-Jun-04

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