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USA East Half Map ITMB is a humongous travel attraction. Whether one is thinking of NYC or Disneyland, Hollywood or longhorn cattle, America is a fascinating place. ITMB specializes in mapping exotic travel destinations and in making even well-known places exotic. This is the first of a series of maps that we hope to publish on the USA in the years to come. We decided to start with two maps, East Half and West Half, because the size of the country and its complexity mitigated against doing one map for the entire half-continent. Even at the scale chosen, it was extremely difficult to portray all the parks, national monuments, battlefields, and touristic attractions that this fascinating country offers. One side covers the Atlantic seaboard from Maine to Florida, with insets of Washington, the Florida Keys, and Orlando/Disneyworld. The other side overlaps the previous side somewhat, but takes one as far west as Dallas and Omaha, and from the Canadian border to New Orleans and a bit of Mexico.

Both sides show all Interstates (motorways) and toll roads (called Turnpikes), as well as all State highways and as many secondary roads as made sense to add. National and State heritage and conservation sites have been noted, as well as a tremendous number of parks and historic sites.

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