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The United States is the third most populous country in the world, and has the most developed road, rail, and air networks in the world. As such, it is very difficult to map as a country. It is also, due to its unusual shape, impossible to show on a map without including a large portion of Canada and Mexico, which we’ve tried to downplay so the focus remained on the USA. Due to the size of the USA, I would regard this map as being a main-roads approach to presenting a country. We put on, then removed, railway lines and airports, as the artwork became so crowded with data that it was difficult to see anything.

The USA is also a country of villages, rather than large cities, and although we have tried to note as many smaller centres as possible, the map has to be readable and so we had to select which urban areas to include without over-crowding the artwork. If anyone feels a pressing need for the inclusion of some town we omitted, we will do our best to fit it into the next edition. We were able to make room for major parks and preserves, and major attractions, such as the Disney complex close to Orlando, and Gettysburg and a hundred other important sites, but I’m sure some were missed. Space; there is never enough space!

This map anchors our growing American series, which now exceeds 30 titles, and we are very happy it is back in print. This is a very important country, with a rich history that continues to unfold in the most American way possible via hourly tweets and deadlocked Congresses and much passion and fervor and mumbling and grumbling. It may seem frustrating as a country at times, but the world would be a lot less interesting without all the thunder and fury emanating from the USA. Use the map and go exploring!
Map size: 27*39″

ISBN 9781771298452

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