Murchison 1-50,000 Topographic Map Tasmap


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Murchison 1-50,000 Topographic Map Tasmap

This map covers the internationally renowned Cradle Mountain walking area which includes the northern portion of the Overland Track. Prominent mountains include Barn Bluff, Pelion West and Tasmania’s highest peak Mount Ossa (1617m) and the map is an essential navigational aid for bushwalkers as this elevated area is subjected to harsh weather. The central part of the map shows a large tract of temperate wilderness consisting of rugged mountain peaks, deep valleys and large catchments including the Murchison and Sophia Rivers which feed into Lake Murchison and Lake Rosebery respectively. These lakes supply the Mackintosh Power Station and are also popular spots for trout fishing, kayaking and swimming. Mount Murchison attracts bushwalkers to a scenic comfortable day walk through rainforest followed by open alpine country offering breathtaking panoramic views.

The design of the 1:50 000 Map Series provides clear and accurate portrayal of topographic information, with symbols and map content giving enhanced depiction of buildings, hill shading and a simplified classification of vegetation.

Product Number:TL05

Locations within this Map

Tullah Achilles River Alexandra Hills Alexandra Pass Anthony Dam Anthony Levee Anthony River Arnold Peak Douglas Creek Dove Lake Eagle Hill Artillery Knob Artists Pool Backwater Creek Ballroom Forest Barites Creek Barn Bluff Benson Peak Bluff Cirque Bluff River Boco Siding Branigan Falls Brewery Knob Brougham Inlet Brougham River Bruce Creek Bulgobac Hill Butlers Beach Buttress Hill Canning Peak Central Creek Chalmers Creek Commonwealth Creek Connells Lookout Cradle Cirque Cradle Mountain Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair N … Cradle Plateau Cradle Valley Crater Creek Crater Falls Crater Lake Crater Peak Curran Creek Dalmeny Creek Devils Ravine Dome Creek Fagus Creek Farm Creek Farm Inlet Farrell Creek Farrell Shore Flynns Tarn Fooks Creek Frog Flats Granite Tor Granite Tor Conservation Area Grasstree Creek Fury Divide Fury Gorge Fury River George Creek Glacier Rock Gooseneck Hill Hanging Rock Hansons Peak Harris Creek Hartnett Rivulet Henry Bay Henry Creek Hidden Lake High Tor Honeymoon Islands Huetts Bay Inglis Creek Innes Falls Ives Creek James Creek Julia Creek Julia Peak Kathleens Pool Kitchen Creek Lake Agnew Lake Andrews Lake Carruthers Lake Curran Lake Ellen Lake Gaye Lake Hanson Lake Herbert Lake Holmes Lake James Lake Julia Lake Lilla Lake MacKintosh Lake McRae Lake Murchison Lake Plimsoll Lake Rodway Lake Rosebery Lake Sandra Lake Selina Lake Westwood Lake Wilks Lake Will Lake Windermere Langdon Creek Leonards Tarn Lilla Creek Lindon Tarns Little Farrell Little Horn Little Plateau Little Sister Lukes Knob Lukes Knob Regional Reserve Lunch Creek Mackintosh Bridge MacKintosh Dam MacKintosh Gorge Marigold Creek Marigold Valley Marions Lookout Monds Ridge Mount Achilles Mount Black Mount Block Mount Campbell Mount Emmett Mount Farrell Mount Farrell Regional Reserve Mount Inglis Mount Julia Mount Murchison Mount Murchison Regional Reserve Mount Oakleigh Mount Ossa Mount Pelion West Mount Proteus Mount Romulus Mount Sale Mount Selina Mount Swallow Mount Thetis Moxon Peak Moxon Saddle Moyle Rock Murchison Bridge Murchison Dam Murchison Gorge Murchison River Newton Peak North End Creek Paddys Nut Pelion Creek Pelion Plains Pencil Pine Bluff Perrins Bluff Perrys Peak Pickford Tarn Pine Forest Moor Plateau Creek Pool of Icarus Quarry Bay Quartzite Tor Queens Head Quinn Creek Razorback Falls Red Hills Red Hills Creek Return Ridge Riggs Pass River Forth Roderick Creek Rodway Creek Romulus Pup Ronny Creek Schist Creek Shaded Creek Shaded Lake Smithies Peak Snake Island Sophia Peak Sophia River Sophia Tunnel South Farrell Spotswood Creek Sterling Inlet Sterling River Sterling Saddle Sticht Range Suttons Creek Suttons Forest Suttons Tarn Swallow Bay Swallow Creek Thrush Forest Tomahawk Falls Tramway Creek Truganini Point Tullibardine Creek Tullibardine Dam Tumbledown Falls Tunnel End Twisted Lakes Victoria Peak Wallace River Waterfall Valley Weindorfer Creek Weindorfers Tower White Hawk Creek Whitecliff Hills Wombat Peak Wombat Pool Bald Hills Boco Creek Forest Reserve Camp Creek Central Creek Bridge Dantes Inferno Farm Creek Bridge Farrell Tramway Fergusson Creek Fookes Creek Bridge Frypan Creek Grahams Knob Long Plateau Mackintosh Forest Reserve MacKintosh Power Station Maryland Mount Hartnett Murchison Highway Bridge Murchison River Bridge New Access Tier Observation Spur Rodway Peak Sterling River Bridge Tramway Creek Bridge Ward Pinnacle Southwell River Back Peak Lake Hansen Stirling River Mackintosh River Williamsford Cradle Mountain-Lake Saint Clair National Park Anthony Creek Canning River

Name: Murchison
Publisher: Tasmanian State Government
Scale: 1 : 50000
Latitude Range: 41° 37.96′ S – 41° 54.47′ S
Longitude Range: 145° 33.19′ E – 146° 2.37′ E
Format: Folded Map
Approx Print Size: 0.61m X 1.08m
Publication Date: 2019

ISBN 9318923027730


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