Steve 1-50,000 Vicmap




Steve 1-50,000 scale Vicmap Topographical map 8323S is used for Walking, 4WD, Fishing, Camping, Motorcycle, both On and Off Road, Gold Prospecting and for those simply going for a family weekend drive.

Topographical maps show not only Contours of the Terrain but Walking Tracks, Sealed and Unsealed Roads, Rivers, Creeks, Lakes, Historical Points of Interest, Old Mine Sites mbtg and National and State Park areas.

Main Features of this map includes:

Dargo Township, Dargo River, Crooked River

Dargo Township, Dargo River, Wonnangatta River, Wonnagatta TrackWonnangatta Caravan Park, Bullock Flat Camping Area, Crooked Riverpart of the Alpine National Park, Kent Creek East, Little Round Plain Logging Track, Pinnacles Sate Forest, STONEHENGE, mbtg, CONGLOMERATE Cap, CONGLOMERATE Gap, The Red Herring, Dairy Farm Flat, MOUNT VALENTIA, Dad’s Walking Track. Eagles Crest, SOUTH EAST PINNACLE, Miowera, East Pinnacle, Billy Goat Bluff Link Track, American Spur, MOUNT CYNTHIA RANGE, Hibernia State Forest, Pinnacle Ck – East Branch Natural Catchment Area, HAWKHURST Link Track, HAWKHURST, Ryan Knob, Talbotville, Kingswell Bridge, Gibbs, Wongungarra Randalls Track Camping Area, Grant Historia Area, RELIANCE Spur, Captain Cook Min Disused, Black Snake Creek, mbtg, Maguires, Gibraltar Creek, Little Gibraltar Spur, Dargo State Forest, Mount Bruno, Queenbee Mine (Disused), Kong Meng Mine (Disused), Bootlace Mine (Disused), Phelans Tree Corner, Hibernia Mine Disused, Arrow Tree Corner, Barber Hill, Peter The Swede, Union Jack Spur, Grant Junction, Thirteen Mile Spur Reference Area (no public access), Exhibition Corner, Exhibition Mine Disused, Trail Hill, Mount Thompson, MOUNT HURLEY, Long Cutting, Farm Junction, Ashlin Cutting, Boulung – Deera State Forest

Matheson Flat, Boulung – Deera Sate Forest, Sam Jamieson Spur, Murdering Spur, MOUNT BIRREGUN, Messmate Spur Track, Wild Horse Creek, Shanahan, LIVINGSTONE CREEK NFSR, Grovers Gap, Jirnkee Gap, Mount Delusion State Forest, King Street Bridge, Upper Livingstone Creek Track, Mount Steve, Smith Hill, Long Cutting, Seldom Seen, Quag Munjie Hill, Punchen Creek Natural Catchment Area, Madigans Bridge, Mount Ewan Spur, Rudolf Gap, Warriballat State Forset

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