Aberfeldy 1-50,000 Vicmap




Aberfeldy 1-50,000 scale Victorian Topographical map 8122N s used for Walking, 4WD, Fishing, Camping, Motorcycle, both On and Off Road, Gold Prospecting and for those simply going for a family weekend drive.

Topographical maps show not only Contours of the Terrain but Walking Tracks, Sealed and Unsealed Roads, Rivers, Creeks, Lakes, Historical Point of Interest, Old Mine Sites mbtg and both National and State Park areas.

Main Features of this map includes:

Northern part of the Thompson Dam

Aberfeldy, Matlock, Woods Point, Woods Point Gold Mine area, Mt Gregory, Yarra Ranges National Park, Frenchman’s Gap, Deep Saddle and Queen Bee Saddle, Mt Selma, Big River State Forest, Mount Shinlinglaw, Mount Singleton, Mount Useful, Toombon Gold Mines, Woods Point Gold Mines, Mount Sander, Mount Easton, Mount Gregory, Pleasant Mount, Red Jackel, The Triangle, Woods Point, Woods Point Gold Sites, Roberts, Mount Victor, part of McMillans Track mbtg, Champion Spur, Mount Stander, Mount Singleton, Fiddlers Green, MONGREL POINT, Sunflower Hill, Aberfeldy Nambruc SF, Upper Goulburn SF, MOUNT SHILLINGLAW, Mount Selma, Mount Useful, Deep Saddle, Queen Bee Saddle, Barkly River SF, mbtg, McMillans Spur, Connors Plain, Spring Hill Plateau, mbtg, Aberfeldy, Jericho, Mount Easton, Toombon, Easton Portal, Whitelaw Creek Bridge, Swingler, Red Jacket, Victor Spur, Mount Victor, MO U N T  L O O K O U T  S P U R, Northern Section of the Thompson Dam, Cast Iron Point mbtg, Sullivans, Jo r g e n s o n F l a t, Toombon Gold Mines Historic Region, O’Keefe, Comet Spur, Spud Spur, Mongrel Point, Mount Selma, O’t o o l e s F l a t, McGuire, Mount Useful Spur

Matlock, edge of Woods Point,  McAdam Gap, Jessop Fire Bombing Base, Frenchmans Spur, Stockmans Spur, Big River, mbtg, Mount Gregory, Part of the Australian Alpine Walking Track, Shaw, Yarra Portal, Fehring Falls, mbtg, part of the Yarra Ranges National Park, Montys Hut, part of the Big River State Forest, The Oaks, The Triangle, Mount Gregory Reference Area, Turners Track, Cream Can Hill, Thompson Portal

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